New York : Day Two

Day two was a Sunday. 

We found the closest Church to attend, which also happened to be located in this gorgeous building.

The Manhattan NY LDS Temple.

After Church we headed to Central Park for a picnic!!

I looove Central Park. I love everything about it. 

I love that people are riding their bikes. I love that people are running! 

This may be weird to admit, but I love analyzing other runners' form. 

After our little picnic, we headed to The Metropolitan Museum of Art {The Met}.

The Met is flippin' huge. It is quite an overwhelming experience, to say the least. It is overwhelming to even just try and summarize some of the things there.

We saw statues from the Roman Empire ... Okay, lots and lots of statues and busts from the Roman Empire.

We saw Greek armor! We saw a Mihrab prayer niche {pictured below}! 

We saw some Egyptian ruins.

And even got to go inside them!

I really wanted to sit on this sphinx, but Jillian and Stabi advised against it if I wanted to remain inside the museum. 

I cannot express how large the museum is and how many things there are to see! My feet hurt. Badly. I couldn't wait to find a bench to sit on!

I joked with one of the museum workers if I could sit on a chair that was part of an exhibit.

He clearly had no sense of humor when he said, "No." He then continued I couldn't sit on anything.

Pff. We showed him.

After killing my feet at The Met, we headed to what is referred to as the East River {which really isn't a river at all}. It is a location I had come to the last time I was here. It was actually very close to our hotel last time. It is one of my favorite spots in the city. It has views of the Manhattan Bridge, the Brooklyn Bridge annnnd, the Queens Bridge??

I love the views of the Upper East Side it gives also.

We then hopped on a Subway back to the Upper West Side, where we were staying. But made a quick detour through Grand Central Station.

photo credit
It was soo beautiful! My photographs didn't turn out, they were too dark. But the architecture was so amazing. I couldn't help but wonder what it would be like to be one of the thousands to have arrived to NYC for the first time ever to this beautiful sight!

After looking around we caught our Subway back home.

Getting our rest for day three ...


Shan said...

What a blessing to go to church in a temple, even if they are separate. Just adds a whole new element, don't you think?

Krystal said...

looks like a busy but fun Sunday... how many pink skits do you own?

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