New York : Day Three

Today we met up with Jen!!!!

I met Jen over 15 years ago, which is longer than I have even known Jillian Jiggs!

We met through high school running and kept in touch as we ran in college {she at University of New Hampshire and me at Utah State University} and as we have pursued our careers.

Jen has been living in NYC for eight years and never had been to Lady Liberty, so that is where we were to go!

Here we are on the ferry to Liberty Island.

The NYC skyline as we leave port. 

 And there she be!

 Here we are on Liberty Island with Manhattan in the background.

And then I went a little crasy taking photo of the Statue of Liberty while on the island. 

This one turned out being one of my favorites. :)


The Statue of Liberty is currently under construction. This means you cannot go to the top of the crown or to the little lobby at the base. Frown.

After a little while on Liberty Island we headed to Ellis Island, the location where immigrants would enter the United States. 



I loved the view from inside the building. 

We weren't quite sure what to expect at Ellis Island. I thought we would walk in, find a book where we could look for our ancestors who came to America and that would be it.

Little did I know the entire building had been turned into a museum of sorts. It was so fascinating. 

One of the things that intrigued me the most was learning of how they tested the immigrants before they would let them stay in America. They did medical testing, to ensure they were healthy, but also psychological testing. 

They even had a test you could take to see if you would have been allowed into the USA or be sent back to your homeland. I took it and ... I would have been sent back! Because I was a single woman {and because I sing to myself!!}. Naturally, had I really been an immigrant, I would have lied about the singing to myself. :)

One of the test they had to do was draw a diamond.

Another was answering random questions like how much is two and one. One girl was asked how she washed stairs, from the top or from the bottom. She answered perfectly. "I didn't come to America to wash stairs."

Haha! And how!

After our time at Ellis {which did NOT include looking through a book for ancestors - frown} we headed to a popular bakery for cupcakes!

The Magnolia Bakery was featured on a TV show called Sex in the City. I personally have never seen that show, but I know it is a big deal. Soo, eating there made me a big deal. For, like, the four millionth time in my life ;)

After Jen showed us the bakery, she took us to the High Line. The High Line is a public park in NYC that is built on a historic freight rail line that is elevated above the streets. 

It is one of my very favorite things of New York City.

We then walked ourselves to dinner. We went to Southern Hospitality, which is Justin Timberlake's restaurant. Jillian, Jen and I had FRIED PICKLES. 


Nom, nom, nom!

Everything was so delicious!

 It was a long day, so after dinner we said goodbye to Jen, but not before we got a photo of our height difference for our friend, Steph. :)

Jen is 5'3" and I am 5'11". :)

It was suuuch a good day with Jen! I loved every minute of it! Even the part where I clearly got sunburned. Haha! :)


Missy W. said...

Mindy, that last picture is so funny!

Shan said...

That park looks so pretty!

Jen said...

Yay! I had fun with you too and I'm glad you had such a nice trip. :) Next up: hiking in Utah!

Krystal said...

I win the short contest :) ANNND, I want to take you with me as my tour guide when I go to NYC. I can't believe Jen has lived there so long and never seen the statue of liberty

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