New York : Day Seven

Our final day!

Not gonna lie, I was excited for this day to come. The apartment we stayed in had no AC and with temperatures in the 100s with humidity in the 60%s and sometimes 70s, this desert girl couldn't wait for some dry heat. 

Plus, my.feet.wanted.to.fall.off. It's weird, but the most comfortable shoes I had, by far, were my $3.99 flip-flops from Old Navy. 

AND, I was exhausted. We just went, went, went, went ALL week long!

Lastly, I just wanted some personal space!

Ahem. Let's compose ourselves. :)

We would finish off our trip by stopping by the Guggenheim.

The Guggenheim is an international renowned museum, with the building designed by the brilliant Frank Lloyd Wright

The architecture is astounding. 

To view the pieces in the museum you walk up the spiral levels and the art is on display as you walk.

We weren't allowed to take any photos beyond the main floor lobby.

While the layout and design of the actual museum was my favorite, the art displayed was my least favorite. There was some art that were just two pieces of large canvas painted red. To me personally, I am not moved by that kind of art. I find it neither creative nor difficult to create.

There was a display in the museum where people were recorded dancing to weird techno music. And when I say "dance", I use the term very loosely. They are just standing there swaying back and forth slightly moving their shoulders. 

I will be the first to admit, generally speaking, art doesn't speak to me. 

Does that make me sound uncultured?

How can I be uncultured? I looked through a museum book, dag nabbit!

Art rarely moves me to feel any emotion. For art to mean something to me it needs to be complex and not easy to create. 

In all honesty, I can become more touched by athleticism where someone is allowing the human body to test its limits and do was was seemingly impossible.

But appearingly meaningless scribbles on a canvas ... do nothing.


I am actually kinda glad to get that off my chest. 

While I didn't like the art in the museum {really, I cannot think of one that stood out to me}, I think experiencing the architecture of the building is worth going. 

After the Guggenheim, we headed back to our apartment. Made a little sack lunch, hopped in a black car and made our way to the airport. 

While waiting for our flight, I took up four seats in the waiting area.

Selfish? You bet.

But more selfish would be smacking someone when they entered my personal space, which appears was quite a rather large space after spending so much time in confined spaces for an entire week. :)

We traveled for what seemed like forever. 

And as soon as I stepped outside of Salt Lake City International Airport and felt the desert air, I was one happy girl!

We arrived to our home around 1:30 AM {read as: 3:30 AM NYC time}. I unpacked a couple things and finally was in bed by around 2:00 AM.

It was a wonderful trip! I am so grateful for the opportunity I had to go and to see everything I saw! And how wonderful is it to truly be just as grateful to be home!

Peace out for now, NYC. 

See ya in a few. ;)


Niki said...

I just read every NYC post! I love all of your skirts! I am trying to decide what to wear while I'm there and I might just bring a few skirts so I can be like Mindy. Also, I'm glad for all the info you provided about the world trade center and the yummy pizza place. So sad you couldn't go to serendipity. That's at the top of my list! OK- longest comment ever. Glad you had fun!

Meg said...

So now I've read through all your trip posts. I have to say I agree with you on art: my take is that if I could make it, it isn't art.

Avree said...

Made it! Looks like SO much fun!

Shan said...

Loved all of your posts! I have to admit, I feel the same way you do about art, I just never say anything cause I don't want people to give me weird looks. haha.

Krystal said...

I see that even all these years after art symposium... your opinions on art have generally not changed :) looks like it was a great trip!

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