New York : Day One

We woke up Saturday annnnnd ... didn't have a clue what we were going to do! Sooo, un-Mindy like - especially on a vacay!

We literally hopped onto the Subway and figured we would get off. Somewhere

Good plan, no?

This was our first Subway experience.

We got off at the Times Sqaure stop. Annnd, started our trek to this ol' building.

The Empire State Building, baby! 

We hopped into the elevator and stopped at the 86th floor.

With the pass we bought {more on that later}, we were given a free audio tour. It was fantastic! The view alone was astounding, but being able to actually know everything you were looking at was wonderful.

Northeast view from the Empire State Building : Chrysler Building in the back
A better view of the northeast view and the Chrysler building, it is the building with the gold spire. 

Here is the north view. My head is covering Central Park, but trust me, it is there. 

 The same view, without my head. You can see the beautiful green patch of Central Park. It is one of the view places to find grass in this metropolis! 

On the northwest side of the building we had a little problem ...

There was a nice breeze on this side of the building ... a nice breeze that would try to make me Marilyn Monroe! Many people, including the Empire State Building employee found my plight quite amusing!

We actually took two rounds of the building {the first time to hear the audio tour and the second to take photos}. When we returned for our second round, the employee said, "It's the skirt girls!"

Naturally, we befriended him and took a photograph.

Here is a view of the west side and the Hudson River. 

And here is the south view, the Financial District can easily be seen with the tall buildings at the end of the island. This is where the Twin Towers used to stand. 

After our tour, we headed up Fifth Avenue and came across the NYC Library.

It was huge and gorgeous.

The architecture reminded me a little bit of the Library of Congress in Washington, DC.

After the library and a brief stroll through Bryant Park, we continued our way up Fifth Avenue to Rockefeller Center.  

We also stopped in several stores, such as Joe Fresh {one of my new favorites!}.

The dude in the photo with us is Billy. He was one of the sales associates that helped us out. He was sooo much fun, including all the other staff there. It truly was  FUN and ENJOYABLE experience. Plus, I walked out with a nine dollah skirt. :) I was happy.

We also visited St. Patrick's Cathedral.

We were able to go inside, it was immaculate! Annnd, a wedding was going on. 


 And then we went to my favorite place. :)

We won't go into how sad it is how happy this place makes me.  :) 

And if our first day wasn't filled enough, off to Times Sqaure we went!

When we returned to our place I tracked how far we walked. Almost six miles.

And my feet sure felt it!

But we had to just keep going to see everything.

And what was up next?


Shan said...

So fun! Gorgeous pics. My only question is in the pic in the library why all the men but one are naked. Why isn't that guy?

Krystal said...

I Love that you went all around in skirts... nice!

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