New York : Day Four

We started off day four by going to the American Museum of Natural History.

This museum was waay different than The Met. It had scenes of all different kinds of animals from all over the world. 

It was so interesting to see some of them, such as the deer displays. And skunk displays.

 I overheard a child while there, "Were those REAL skunks?" Oh, honey. Come to Utah and suddenly skunks won't be so exciting.

While I wasn't totally impressed by the displays of animals, I was intrigued by the dinosaur exhibits!

 While looking at them I decided to find all of our favorite friends from The Land Before Time.

There was Cera.



Sharp Tooth!

 Little Foot.

And even Little Foot's mama!

Petrie was the hardest to find, by far. But no fear! Here he is! 

 P.s. Did anyone have a clue that Komodo Dragons were so friggin' huge!? 

:: Shudder :

I bet this display would get a lot more attention if the little beast was eating a child. ;)

One of my favorite things at this museum was a show called "Journey to the Stars". It was a video to help you understand more about the stars and the sun. What I loved most about it was how closely it depicted Mormon doctrine on how the earth was created! So.cool.

After the museum we made our way to Little Italy.

 We had dinner at the perfect little Italian restaurant. And it goes without saying that I looooved it. :)

Afterwards, we hopped and skipped two blocks east and roamed around Chinatown.

Chinatown is not my favorite location of NYC. It is actually quite dumpy and sketchy. We went into a little market and looked around for a bit. It smelled funny. I gagged. We left. :)

We walked back to the Subway through Little Italy and stopped for some gelato.

After gelato we decided to head up to the Upper East Side again to go to Serendipity for some iced hot chocolate.

Nom, nom, nom!

The only problem ... it was a 90 minute way. 


We forwent the iced hot chocolate. Frown.

And walked up to Central Park to the Jacquelyn Kennedy Onassis Reservoir, where Jen told us was the best view of the entire city!

 As you can see, Jen was right! It was so pretty.

It was fun to return to this spot of Central Park because last time I was here, this is where I would run. There is a little dirt trail that goes around the reservoir, perfect for running.

And that, my friends, is the end of day four!

Onto day five ... 


Shan said...

Sad you didn't get to go to Serendipity. The more I read these posts, the more jealous I get. Now I really want to go.

Krystal said...

A- little Italy is so much nicer looking than Chinatown
B- did you wear skits every day??
C- Sad you didn't get frozen hot chocolate... but what's the difference between that and a chocolate shake?? :)

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