New York : Day Five

In the morning we met with Noah and Allison Riley for lunch!

They are pretty much one of the most adorable couples ever. 

Noah and I met through EFY back in the day and were in the same ward during college for a year. Right before they got married, Allison started coming to our ward. 

After a fantastic lunch at a Mexican restaurant in the Upper West Side, we headed off the to MoMA {Museum of Modern Art}. 

The MoMA was easily my favorite museum yet. I didn't feel like I needed an extensive knowledge to enjoy the pieces of art I saw there. You could just go and enjoy.

One of my favorite things about the MoMA was that they had some art from Monet ...

It also included his piece, Water Lilies.

We also some some Vincent van Gogh.

I really like how van Gogh's art is so distinguishably his.

This next one is one of my favorite, maybe because it was on Boy Meets World. :)

There was also some less famous art.

I should show this to my mom. I remember doing this on her walls when I was little and getting in trouble for it. Only had she known it could be in a museum had we not washed it off!! :)

Stabi and I feeling mighty patriotic on the fourth of July. :)

More art that makes you go, "Hmm?"

And my classic Charly pose. :)

When I saw this one ...

A song came to my mind ... "You better run, better run, outrun my bullet." Oops? Err, should I say, "Oof"?

Something else I found interesting, this art ...

was some woman's love letters. She had a handful of them in the museum. She even referenced the museum in one of them, saying she hoped he would one day walk the halls and see them. 



While at the MoMA we ran into our dear friend Tammy Stevens {and her husband and baby!}.

Perfectly random!

After the MoMA we had to RUN {literally} to the port to catch our ferry for the fireworks. There were sooo many streets closed off already for the fireworks and police officers directing us one way just to have another direct back the same way we came. We were sweating and hurdling fences, but we eventually got to the port with three minutes to spare.

As we were waiting in line to board the ferry, an employee told all of us that the next boat was the non-alcoholic boat. We were informed that if we wanted on that boat, we could jump in front of everyone in line.


We loaded the non-alcoholic ferry with about 100 senior citizens and a few parents and their kids. And we sailed off into the Hudson River with about three hours to kill. Goo

As we sailed we saw this spot. Notice the nets? That is where the Titanic would have docked had it made it to NY.

We partied like it was 1999 with the seniors. We had a DJ on board and he handed us tiny American flags.

We actually requested a song so we could do/teach the seniors an EFY line dance {the only one I learned in my four years of EFY}. It was fantastic.

The DJ said afterwards, "And THIS is the non-alcoholic ferry!"

Here we are on our way to the George Washington Bridge.

It was kinda fun going underneath it. Clearly. As you see I took one kjillion photos of it. 

 Everyone on the boat got excited as the sun continued to go down. The city turn into a beautiful sight. 

Notice how they made the Empire State Building {and the other building on the left} in red, white and blue lights! :)

And then the fireworks began!



The fireworks show was wonderful! I loved it. However, I must say compared to this show, Logan also puts on a fantastic show. I suppose all of us in Logan had little compare it to, so there was no way to know how amazing it also is. But it is. 

After the show was over we had to wait a bit for the police to do a sweep of the Hudson River {not sure why}. But after their sweep, we docked and began our trek to the nearest Subway.

The tens of thousands of people who had watched the fireworks from lower Manhattan had already cleared. But they left a lovely surprise for us Utah girls.

We were shocked at the garbage left! Shocked! 

We made it home safe and sound and tried to sleep for day six. Claire was supposed to meet us tonight, but there was a little fire at her camp! So, we would have to wait until tomorrow ...


Shan said...

That would be so cool!!

Jen said...

While I'll take full credit for suggesting the boat ride, you know I would never dare suggest the non-alcoholic one! ;)

Krystal said...

that garbage is disgusting!! Also, good job doing the Charly pose! Way to rock the non-alcoholic boat!

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