Back to four ...

Our little apartment celebrated a big day this week. 

Claire came home after spending a month in New Jersey as a camp counselor.

Jillian and I decided to give her a proper welcome home.

Other than Clairence coming home it has been an interesting week.

Interesting as in ... I think I need another vacay to keep me sane. I have too many things going on inside my mind and outside of it. :) 

It's enough to drive you batty. Well, maybe not you, but forsurely me. 

But, then again, Claire came home and I am about to go eat second dinner. So, both of those things make me happy. 

How has your week been?


steve and jessica said...

Awesome welcome home!

Krystal said...

woah, I guess I haven't been on your blog lately... ads?? Hmmm... not sure how I feel about that :) Well, glad your roomie is back home and you are back to a group of 4!

Shan said...

I would have loved you as a roommate I think.

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