I just don't think ...

that I will be that productive for the next 12 days. At least not if the last four days are any indication of my future.

I go to work.

And then I watch the Olympics.

I actually haven't worked out since they began. Because watching them is exactly like doing them, right?

However, it should be noted that it's not like I just sit and watch the Olympics.

No, no. I am crazy-mad soaking in every bit of information I can on the games, the athletes, etc.

For example, I found it intriguing that Jon Horton of the US Olympic Men's Gymnastics Team is only five feet and two inches tall.

Read as: a whopping nine inches shorter than Mindy.

But just knowing that information wasn't good enough. I needed a visual.

And that is when the height chart began. 

To compare some of our favorite athletes' heights to ours.

Okay, so we don't really know who Matt Grevers is. He was just being interviewed and looked massive. So we Googled him. And we were right. 

So, yes. Yes, we do take our Olympics quite seriously.

P.s. My favorite is Bernard Lagat. All five feet and eight inches of him. You can watch him run on August 8th and August 11th. Heart.him.

Lastly, it must be said: when my older sister was little she used to run around the neighborhood ... NAKED.

What does that have to do with the Olympics? I am not sure. Just maybe that she could have won a gold medal for it because she was that good at running around naked.

That's all. I have more Olympics to watch.

{How do you like them apples, Tiffy-Wiffy-Poo-Poo-Pants?}


And no more shall be lost ...

Remember that one time we got lost on a mountain
{"Yes, Mindy. You just talked about it last week."}

Remember that one time we didn't get lost on a mountain?
{"Yes, Mindy. You just talked about it last week!"}

Well, we wanted to ensure that no Crimson Trail hikers ever got lost again.

So we crossed the log "bridge" again.

And made our way to where two roads diverged in a yellow wood.

Only to realize I forgot the most crucial item ... the item that would ensure no one would get lost again. 

P.s. Notice my awesome flip-flops hiking shoes. 

We headed back down the hill and cross over the log "bridge" yet again. 

At this point, I felt bad making the roommates walk all the way back to the car for my mistake, so I opted to run down.

In my awesome flip-flops hiking shoes running shoes.

And run back up. 

With the most crucial item that would ensure no one would ever get lost again.

And so, we crossed the log "bridge" for a third time.

And hiked back up to where two roads diverged in a yellow wood, where I pulled out my pink hammer. 

And the pink, most crucial item that would ensure no one would ever get lost again.

A sign that read "Crimson Trail" with an accompanying arrow and "Approximately three miles",

Then "Spring Hollow Trail" with an accompanying arrow and "Approximately 4.7 kjillion miles. You will see snow. When you see animal tracks, turn around. Or be prepared to be eaten ... by BEASTS."

To all future Crimson Trail hikers, no need to thank us. But you are welcome

Doing what we can to save on hiker at a time. 

And beautifying the the forest with some pink love.

That's all.


Training for the 2012 London Olympics

When I was a wee-lass I wanted to be an Olympian.

In fact, between you and me, sometimes when I am running alone I pretend I am running in an Olympic marathon or a 5,000 meter race.

Needlessly to say, I always win.

Even though I have never participated in the Olympics outside of day dreaming, I still get pretty excited about watching them. 

 I love athletic events so much is because they teach us that we are so much more capable than we ever imagine ... that the human body, spirit and mind can overcome all insurmountable odds.

Plus, seeing someone be able to raise their hands in victory and able to say, "Today, I was my very best."

Jillian, Claire and I have been talking about the opening ceremonies all week.

We knew we would watch them ... while eating pizza, ice cream and any other junk food we could get our hands on.

But don't worry, we trained for the event by eating hamburgers, cheese fries, salsa and chips the previous night.

As you see, we take our Olympic training seriously. Very seriously.

Photo Credit
Some highlights of the opening ceremony for me were:

Chariots of Fire + Mr. Bean
{I would have liked it just played alone, being a distance runner and all, but the addition was fantastic.}

The Queen's angry eyebrows
{Which led to this meme:}

And all the fun facts divulged during the Parade of Nations:
Did you know Denmark has the most badminton medals, sans all the Asian countries with more?
Did you known Hungry has the most water polo medals?
Latvia's Olympic chair was KIDNAPPED several weeks ago, which is, and I quote, "The least of their concerns."

Lastly, American athletes' extremely European-styled outfits that were made in China. Identity crisis much? :)

False. Lastly, the United Kingdom isn't nearly as frightening as China. Yes, we all already knew this. But after watching the opening ceremonies in Beijing I went home terrified of the hosting country.

This time? I just wanted to speak in a British accent.

Whiiiich, if I am going to be completely honest, is what I made all of my co-workers do all day yesterday.

Speak in British accents, that is.

And we all had a jolly good time doing so. :)

Did YOU watch? What was your favorite part?


Yesterday, here in Utah, it was Pioneer Day ...

to everyone else, it was just Tuesday.

What is Pioneer Day?

Wellllll, it means pancake breakfasts at the park.

And it involved a nap {because I was asleep for roughly two hours the entire night}.

As well as seeing The Black Knight Rises. And I didn't even think I liked Batman?

I still like Superman better. This will depict why:

Annnnd, who can forget the fireworks?

I 'spose the best part is simply a day off from work. 

But enough about Tuesday. Let's talk about Wednesday.

And how this is a small order of fries. 

Nom, nom, nom.

And, I think more stores should package your purchases like this.

I also want to talk about Saturday.

Not this Saturday, but last Saturday.

And I want to talk about Monday.

Buuuut, I am tired. So I am not going to talk about Saturday {not this Saturday, last Saturday}, nor Monday. So, y'all will have to wait for maybe tomorrow. Or the next day. Or Saturday {this Saturday}.

Until then ...


Summertime Adventures : Not Lost on a Mountain

Remember that one time we got lost on a mountain?

Since we clearly got on the wrong trail last time, we decided we needed to find the right trail and not be lost on a mountain.

We started at the same location, with the sketchy log "bridge" and all. 

And two minutes into the hike, we realized where we went wrong the first time.

That is to say that for two hours and eight minutes on our previous hike, we were hiking in the wrong direction.


This is what the view looks like from the actual Crimson Trail ... or so we thought. After all, there wasn't like a sign to tell us or anything.

Just do it - the right Crimson Trail, that is. 

There were a lot of sheer cliffs. This terrified me, but not Jordan.


Once atop, we sat and ate nasty protein bars.

And took photos, apparently.

After a mini-pit stop, we kept hiking.

And Jordan fell off a cliff.

Or at least pretended to.

As we made our descend to the base of the mountain, guess what we saw?

Weird! A sign to let hikers know where they are going! What a crasy idea!!

At the base, we took a sharp right and hooked up on this baby trail.

Where we hugged the river to end up at the "end" {which was our beginning} of the Crimson Trail and where we had parked Wilson.

While this is totally a feat to brag about, not gonna lie, I still feel more accomplished about fitting this body into a suitcase.

Because of the lack of sign on the other side of the trail, it gave Claire and I an idea.

One I will discuss in more detail later. :)

Happy Saturday!!


Back to four ...

Our little apartment celebrated a big day this week. 

Claire came home after spending a month in New Jersey as a camp counselor.

Jillian and I decided to give her a proper welcome home.

Other than Clairence coming home it has been an interesting week.

Interesting as in ... I think I need another vacay to keep me sane. I have too many things going on inside my mind and outside of it. :) 

It's enough to drive you batty. Well, maybe not you, but forsurely me. 

But, then again, Claire came home and I am about to go eat second dinner. So, both of those things make me happy. 

How has your week been?


New York!

It has taken me awhile to get here.

With here being blogging about New York.

You can blame that on the heat. {As I get too hot holding my laptop.}

You can blame it on BFF Amber. {As she is only in town every year or two, I must spend EVERY waking minute with her and her adorable family.}

I think  what finally did get me here was big sister Tiffy-wiffy-poo-poo-pants at Church showing me the "L" sign.

"I am a loser?" I ask while in Church.

"You are a lazy loser. Blog."

Sooo, here I am.

Soooo, you may be New Yorked out by now, but here is the full disclosure of it all! And, yup! I am doing it day by day and all in a row

250 gold stars for each post you read. :) Bribery at its finest.

Now, more than two weeks ago {gasp!!}, I packed up my adorable pink suitcase and somehow managed to successfully get this baby down our steep steps! 

After about 12 hours of traveling {via Houston}, we arrived to the apartment we were subletting. It was on the Upper West Side and adorable!

Naturally, these photos were not taken when we arrived, since it was after midnight.

We crashed to get some shuteye before the following day!

Keep on reading, all posts are up! You should see through day seven AND then some NY tidbits. :)

May the force be with you in this massive update! :)

New York : Day One

We woke up Saturday annnnnd ... didn't have a clue what we were going to do! Sooo, un-Mindy like - especially on a vacay!

We literally hopped onto the Subway and figured we would get off. Somewhere

Good plan, no?

This was our first Subway experience.

We got off at the Times Sqaure stop. Annnd, started our trek to this ol' building.

The Empire State Building, baby! 

We hopped into the elevator and stopped at the 86th floor.

With the pass we bought {more on that later}, we were given a free audio tour. It was fantastic! The view alone was astounding, but being able to actually know everything you were looking at was wonderful.

Northeast view from the Empire State Building : Chrysler Building in the back
A better view of the northeast view and the Chrysler building, it is the building with the gold spire. 

Here is the north view. My head is covering Central Park, but trust me, it is there. 

 The same view, without my head. You can see the beautiful green patch of Central Park. It is one of the view places to find grass in this metropolis! 

On the northwest side of the building we had a little problem ...

There was a nice breeze on this side of the building ... a nice breeze that would try to make me Marilyn Monroe! Many people, including the Empire State Building employee found my plight quite amusing!

We actually took two rounds of the building {the first time to hear the audio tour and the second to take photos}. When we returned for our second round, the employee said, "It's the skirt girls!"

Naturally, we befriended him and took a photograph.

Here is a view of the west side and the Hudson River. 

And here is the south view, the Financial District can easily be seen with the tall buildings at the end of the island. This is where the Twin Towers used to stand. 

After our tour, we headed up Fifth Avenue and came across the NYC Library.

It was huge and gorgeous.

The architecture reminded me a little bit of the Library of Congress in Washington, DC.

After the library and a brief stroll through Bryant Park, we continued our way up Fifth Avenue to Rockefeller Center.  

We also stopped in several stores, such as Joe Fresh {one of my new favorites!}.

The dude in the photo with us is Billy. He was one of the sales associates that helped us out. He was sooo much fun, including all the other staff there. It truly was  FUN and ENJOYABLE experience. Plus, I walked out with a nine dollah skirt. :) I was happy.

We also visited St. Patrick's Cathedral.

We were able to go inside, it was immaculate! Annnd, a wedding was going on. 


 And then we went to my favorite place. :)

We won't go into how sad it is how happy this place makes me.  :) 

And if our first day wasn't filled enough, off to Times Sqaure we went!

When we returned to our place I tracked how far we walked. Almost six miles.

And my feet sure felt it!

But we had to just keep going to see everything.

And what was up next?
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