This and that ...

I have been uber busy this week. Getting lost on a mountain until after 10:00pm and hiking down in the dark.

Watching Avengers for the second time, which may not seem like it is really all that time consuming. But it is. At 2.5 hours long? AND, to imagine I sat in ONE location for that time frame? Accomplishment much.

Going to Church activities I didn't plan {weird}.

And draining that blasted toenail. Yup, I clearly am just going to KEEP ON talking about that. ;) But this time around, it is that darn hike's fault.

And completing my monthly Church assignment of visiting some sisters in the ward after 9:00pm the very last day of the month. Look, I am released for a month and I go all rebellious.


I updated my blog layout a little last weekend. I finally dipped my toes into the Photobucket and java script/html code world, as if it were some terrifying feat. I thought it would be a a lot  harder than it actually was. I have been avoiding for how long and for why? 

Apparently you don't have to be any kind of html code genius to get it to work. I fiddled around with it for an hour or two right before bed, which turned out not to be my brightest idea of the day.

All night long I dreamt of html codes. Goo.


There was a story on the news. The headline was, "Want to know how to lose those extra pounds?"

My immediate response was, "Probably by cutting out second and third dinner?"

I let the news talk about counting calories for about 10 seconds and then I got angry and changed the channel. But not before I heard that my beloved bag of M&Ms had 350 calories in it.

I refuse to let numbers ruin the joy I find in food.


On the same news station on the same day, there was a story about rescuing kittens from ... a window well.

Slow news day, much?

Then there was a story about a woman who referred to her horses as people, and one of them in particular was her "soul mate".



I do not like the strawberry lemonade at Cafe Rio, Sam I am.

I thought I would live on the wild side when I got my "freeeeeeeeeeeeeeee meal!" and instead of getting my beloved water, tried said lemonade. Poor choice.

Did I say I was stepping back in my relationship with Cafe/Costa? I clearly lied.


I came home the other night and my roommate was watching ... Oh, man. What is it called? Mary Poppins. I realized a. I have never seen this movie and b. I don't have a clue what it is about.

All I know is that apparently a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go doooooooown and something about tuppins a bag??


I talked to my officemates about my new-found fear of riding motorcycles. One of them said they are unsafe, but she always wears a helmet. Turns out, however, that THAT afternoon her husband came to pick her up on said motorcycle and he had forgotten the helmets.

She told me of her misdoing. I informed her to make it up to me she had to bring me a donut to work the following day. And guess what? She.did.

Ladies and gentlemen: always wear your helmets when riding a motorcycle or anything like unto it. But if not,  bring me a donut to make up for it. ;)


I think I successfully managed talking another officemate into buying us all pizza for lunch today.

And  I didn't even use the subliminal messaging techniques I learned my junior year of high school {which do work, by the way}.


For our trip to NY my roommates and I are trying something a little different! I was introduced to a website of LDS people who sublet their apartments in NY while they are on vacation elsewhere. {How snazzy of a deal is that for them? Making money while they are on vacay.}

We will get an apartment to ourselves and only have to pay 25 dollah a night each! The two we are deciding between are right near Central Park and the Manhattan Temple.

Both renters have sent pictures and both are just quaint and cute! My co-worker goes to NYC regularly and has done this instead of a hotel and it has worked out so great for her. Here's hoping for that same luck!!!


I have a man party to attend this weekend.

I love man parties.

I love that I get to go even though I am in fact, NOT a man.


And for now, I think that is all. :)

Happy Friday, people! AND!! Hello, June!


Meg said...

I've often wondered if there is a good balance between losing weight and enjoying food. So far I've leaned toward the enjoying food end of the spectrum because the healthy stuff never seems as enjoyable.

You've never watched Mary Poppins? I've even seen that one. :)

deveney said...

no mary poppins? i am in shock, seriously a classic, a super fun show, go watch it!

Shan said...

I had no idea people in New York did that. I'm going to have to remember that next time I want to go on a trip!

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