Summertime Adventures : Summerfest

 Every June in lil' Logan, Utah we have a little summer fair known as the Summerfest.

At Summerfest you can expect some artsy stuff, interesting live music and always, always fantastic food. 

The roomies and I headed over last week. 

The place is always PACKED and you are always bound to see at least one-kjillion people you know.

To add to the excitement I told the roomies that we would be playing a little game. For each person that knows you who says hello, you have one strike against you. The person with the least strikes by the end of the evening, wins. :)

While I love, love to see my friends out and about, it was super fun to try and avoid everyone I knew for just one evening. It involved us hiding behind booths and any other tactic necessary to avoid said strikes.

I was doing awesome.

Until I hit the food section.

"Hi, Mindy!" here and, "Mindy!" there. Here a Mindy, there a Mindy. Everywhere a Mindy, Mindy. Well, actually not. I was the only Mindy I was aware of, but apparently not only do I like food, my friends like food too!

At the Navajo Taco stand we actually were able to keep track of our strikes. 


I actually informed one friend of our game after she said hello. She then made sure to find more of our friends and tell them to come say hi. :)

Because the food area destroyed me, I came up with a new rule. If you "tagged" a complete stranger you could lose a strike.

Six strangers later, I was back to zero.


Besides the fabulous food, I was tempted to buy some adorable skull earrings. Yes, I just used adorable and skull in the same sentence - intentionally. Buuut, I opted against it. 

So, with a full belly and no strikes, we headed out.

But don't worry, I returned two nights later {the final night} to get another funnel cake. :)

 Happy Monday! 


Today is my big brother's birthday. :) Love him lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and then some. I am who I am today largely in part because of the role he has played in my life. :) Everything I do that is illegal, I learned from him. ;)


Brandon Thornley said...

I love teaching you the illegal yet fun things I know...
Remember that time I showed you around some tunnels somewhere ;)

Toni Lehman said...

I would KILL for a navajo taco right now!!!!

Taylor said...

Sounds like a lot of fun!

Shan said...

Missed summerfest in Orem this year. This just made me sad that I missed it.

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