Summertime Adventures : Snow Cones

For my entire life, I have hated snow cones.

Yup, I just said it. And I meant it, but I didn't steal my mama's credit.

However, I had to put my loathingness aside when Claire said that eating snow cones were part of her "Cram EVERY summer activity into one month!" plan.

We stopped at the Sno Shack.

I hesitantly ordered Red Raspberry.

And Claire suggested I get ice cream in the bottom.

And guess what!?


How have I lived my entire life not knowing this?! Why didn't YOU tell me I loved snow cones? Seriously!?

Nom, nom, nom! Eat.all.the.snow.cones.

I loved them so much that we went back the following day!

And the next. And the next!


Obsessed much?

For $1.75, you betcha.


Sam @ reddyorknot.blogspot.com said...

YUM! snow cones are so summery! we don't have any snow cone places like that around here though!

steve and jessica said...

Seriously. Snow cones with ice cream are delicious.

Meg said...

I didn't know you could add ice cream to snow cones. How come YOU never told ME? :)

Shan said...

So sad that you didn't like sno cones but what a wonderful discovery!

Rachel Overson said...

Ice cream in the bottom? Now that DOES sound yummy!

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