Summertime Adventures : Sleepover!

Sunday evenings the roommates and I generally take a little stroll around the neighborhood.

Normally that stroll takes us to a park. The same park. Every Sunday. Every walk. 

But this Sunday I talked them into heading up to the track at Utah State.

Love. Love.

When we were there we somehow ended up on the pole vault mat, jumping around.

It was soo soft and so bouncy. Liiiike, the perfect place to sleep.

And so, I suggested it. 

And they actually went along with it.

We walked home, collected our sleepwear, pillows, blankets ... and five more friends ... and headed back to the track.

Jordan Richie, Sarah Pope, Mindy, Claire, Jake Edlund, Stabi and Jillian
I had never slept out at the USU track before ... and am actually quite surprised that the thought had never crossed my mind until now. 

We chatted until about 12:10 AM, when we realized we might starve to death on the track. Sooo, we had to do a McDonald's run {after all, they now serve breakfast after midnight}.

I think I finally attempted to fall asleep around 1:30 AM. 

It was a little hard to do with a near-full moon that lit up the entire track ... well, at least the pole vault mat. 

I woke up probably three or four times between 1:30 AM and 4:45 AM, which is when I was up for good. 

And with less than three hours of sleep, we are mighty attractive.

Annnd, I made it to work by 7:00 AM.

Would I do it again?

Not likely. At least not when I have work in the morning.

Do I regret it? 

Not for a single second. 

I am excited to see what other adventures this summer life has to offer. :)

To my "special" reader: there were no signs that said the track closed at dusk. kthanksbye. 


Lindi said...

Supe awesome! Little Jealous :)

Shan said...

So much fun!!

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