Summertime Adventures : Lost on a Mountain

As previously mentioned, roommate Claire is going to be a camp counselor in New Jersey this summer.

This is noteworthy because she is trying to fit on all of her normal summer festivities before she goes.

Such as ... going on hikes {plus a slew of other things}.

I like hikes.

I just don't like sweating on hikes.

But that is besides the point.

We decided to do a well-known trail in these parts, Crimson Trail.

The only problem was the entrance the only two of us who had ever hiked this trail had used was closed due to a bridge closure being out. And when I say out, I mean it isn't even there anymore. So we had to start from the backside. 

But that was okay, right?

We got a small tidbit of advice from the little park ranger lady. And I must say, I was surprised when she opened her RV door in her fabric thrown on/Moo Moo/house coat. The only direction she gave us was, "The bridge is out on this end too, so you will need to cross some logs over the river."

Uhm. Okay.

The hike was gorgeous. Buuut, what else would you expect in the beautiful Logan, Utah?

The hike was actually quite steep. And I began to sweat. Worst.day.ever. No?

But onward we went, staying left.

About two hours into the hike we a. Thought to ourselves, "I don't remember Crimson Trail being this long." and b. We reached the top of said mountain. 

And then ... we continued onward left. 

And about 15 minutes later, when the trail looped an entirely different direction than we knew it should go, seeing fresh cougar/mountain lion/beast of some kind foot prints and our gut instincts screaming at us to turn around, we did.

We aren't sure where we went wrong.

But we definitely went somewhere wrong.

And ended up climbing off that mountain in nothing but the moonlit sky.

And remember how steep it was up? My toenail was hatin' on me all the way down {I haven't been in that much pain for a long time}.

Without flashlights in tow, we somehow did make down the trail ... only three + hours after we started. 

And we found the logs over the water.

And made our way home to Sonic ... for a grilled cheese.

THEN we made our way home.

And I drained my toenail.

And I went to bed.

Overly ambitious, much?

P.s. Today is our babe's 10th birthday.

Somehow, he went from this:

To this:

He is my mini-me in every way. I just want to eat.him.up. And I tell him that every single day.

Happy birthday, bub. I love you!


Shan said...

Sounds like an adventurous and painful hike! Always the best memories though.

Meg said...

The Crimson Trail was my least favorite hike EVER that I took in Logan. Why? No one bothered to tell us that the trail starts in one campground and ends in another so we had to hike it all twice to get back to our car. Also, it doesn't actually go to the top of the mountain so it feels so unfulfilling and pointless. At least it did to me. I never bothered to try it again.

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