Summertime Adventures : Amusement Park

It's no Disneyland or Six Flags. 

But it gets the job done, at least here in Utah.

It is also all fun and games ...



 until you get sunburned fried during the day only to have the temperatures slope to an astounding 36* by night.

And your neck and back get angry because you are shivering so much.

Your favorite pink hoodie you have had for over six years acquire a hole.

And your dinner wants to come up to re-greet you.

All resulting in, when getting in the car to go home, you have to hold your head between your legs and close your eyes so you do not see any lights or movement for the next two hours.

Here's to next year {at the earliest!}, Lagoon. :)


P.s. Today I got paid to go on a bike ride with 300 people and then later to swim. And I ate two donuts. Nom, nom, nom.

Lastly, the "illegal" activity had to be removed from my blog or I faced criminal charges.

What was the illegal activity? It rhymes with banholes, and starts with a M. It also rhymes with funnels and starts with a T. :)

I am also encouraged to inform you that doing such things is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS {and illegal, apparently}. So, don't do it. 


Sam @ reddyorknot.blogspot.com said...

still can't believe you are such a horrible criminal ;)

Love your green pants!!

Whitney said...

Ummm...I need to know what was happening with the manholes. How did the police even find out you did it? Do they patrol the local blogs on the hunt for law breakers?!

And I LOOOOVE your green pants. Colored pants are amazing. Everyone should have a pair or two or three.

Shan said...

Sounds like a fun day at Lagoon and I really really wish I hadn't missed that post. I'm so sad. You naughty criminal you.

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