Day 27

Today I am on day 29 {of 30!!!!} of stripes.

But we are going to talk about day 27.

This is how we went to Church Sunday.

We were, like, clearly destined to be roommates.

And we technically didn't even plan it.

Clairence came home from work Saturday night dressed like this and I thought, "Fantastic! She has saved me  from trying on three different skirts tomorrow trying to figure out what to wear!"

Given, I did go to my parents' ward. And she went to ours. So, it wasn't, like, weird or anything.

Claire is going to New Jersey for two whole months this summer to be a camp counselor {the inspiration of our NYC trip, so we could go visit her!}. I think what she is doing is a little selfish. I mean, I will have to go back to deciding what to wear to Church on my own again.

Rude. I clearly lead such a tough life. But I suppose if I wasn't able to complain about Claire leaving me to dressing myself, I would have to complain about how it was 93* flippin' degrees yesterday. And I figured y'all would rather hold off on my excessive heat tirades until at least July or August, right?

And I think I am ready for a nap.

That's all.

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Shan said...

Very cute skirt!

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