Swimsuits here, swimsuits there, swimsuits everywhere!

Or at least in my swimsuit drawer. Yup. I have one full drawer for swimsuits and swimsuits alone.

Buuut, it is a small drawer. Soooo, that makes it okay. Totes.*

As mentioned yesterday, I have had swimsuits on my mind. Three swimsuits, to be specific. 

I have been trying uber hard not to purchase them. 

I don't need three more swimsuits.

NYC doesn't really scream swimsuit to me nor anyone else, no matter how much I try to convince myself it does. 

Speaking of NYC, I am trying to save my money. Sooo, don't spend it on swimsuits. 

Don't buy swimsuits.

Don't buy swimsuits.

Don't buy swimsuits.

Buuuut, then !!!! I got an email from the swimsuit store giving me a promo for 30% off.

And!!! I may have put up this FB status and received these responses {pay attention to Kennan's even though his profile photo makes him look like a terrorist}:

And, naturally, with all of these things combined, I am now the proud new owner of:

 And ...


I mean ... Life is short. I don't want to be old and have regrets about these beauts. And these just might be the key to finding my husband. Or so says Kennan.

And while I rarely listen to him, I did this time. Clearly. 

And I am pretty sure I am pretty happy I did.

Summer. Bring.it.

* I am using this word to be obnoxious. I don't really use it in real life, unless to be obnoxious at that point as well. :)


Katie Jane said...

I might need to know where you bought those swimmys. So stinking cute.

cami said...


Tara said...

Just think of it as an investment for your future. Once you are married and have kids running round, you won't have the money to stock up on swim suits, so enjoy it now. Our little family just went away for a weekend and I didn't take mine with me, so I just HAD to go and get one. Just so happened the store had a 50% off sale. I got a $50 swim suit for $25. (In Australia thats about average for a branded swimsuit)

Corina said...

Love those! Great choices. Where did you get them?

Whitney said...

love the polka dot one!!! where did you find it?

Ruth Emmett said...

cute! where did you buy the black and white one..I think I need it:)

Shan said...

Soooo cute!

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