Solar Eclipse

Today, in the southwestern Unites States, there was a solar eclipse!

P.s. I put the exclamation point there just in case it sounded entirely too scientific to be even remotely, semi-cool. 

It was actually an annular solar eclipse, which means the moon doesn't completely cover the sun, it sits nicely inside, leaving enough space on the outside for a ring of fire! Dun, dun, dun!

I totally feel like this is a science lesson. We should stop that.

The only problem with the solar eclipse is that it can BLIND you ... literally.

So, you have to be creative with how you view it to save your eyeballs. 

And, boy, oh boy! We did!

Not only did I protect my eyeballs, but I looked kinda like an Avenger in training. P.s. I am the one in the stripes, obviously.

I aimed my camera in the general direction of the sun.

When that didn't show the eclipse, I tried taking a photo inside of the welding mask.

And when THAT didn't work {because it just looked like radiation}, I just stole this photograph off of Facebook. :)

You can see the moon making its way off the sun.

And, guess what else?

The Nephew One supplied us with edibles as we observed.

Apparently this makes me a big deal, or something equally as cool, for seeing it. Right?

Who else saw it???

And if not, at least tell me the coolest thing you saw over the weekend.



chantilly said...

i wish i could've seen the eclipse... that's so cool!! x

Shan said...

I totally forgot about it, can't believe I did that. The coolest thing I saw over the weekend was my pillow.

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