Plan B ...

for the wooden R, not the anti-conception pill.

The LAST activity I planned as Relief Society President was held three days after I was released.

And it couldn't have been more perfect ... as it was a BONFIRE.

We cooked hot dogos* and S'mores.

We intentionally held it at the same location as our first activity of the year.

I know I say this all the time, but I sure do love these gals.

Emilee, Mindy & Summer : Missing Sarah  :(
 While good people and bonfire food was the original plan, once all the food and people were gone, these gals stood nearby as I placed that nasty, wooden R on the fire.

 And it began to burn.

Until it was completely gone.

In those moments I reflected what the last two years have brought me. And I was grateful for everything. Absolutely.everything.

And a little sad to let it all go.

But on the bright side: my keys downsized by at least 75%, I don't have to make visiting teaching assignments once the semester is over and I no longer have to have a clipboard nor a binder near me at Church anymore. :)

Here's to that and to not planning any activities for quite sometime. ;)

* Name that movie! 


Stephanie Hyde said...

taco, nacho...no hot dogo :)
Glory Road!

Kyle, Amy, and Joshua said...

Yeah! The "R" and the keys are gone! A nice kind of different feeling isn't it?

Shan said...

Sounds like a good end to a great two years.

Missy W. said...

VT assignment organization sucks at my ward, and we aren't even made up of singles who move every 5 months! I feel your pain!

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