Oh, Walmart.

Sometimes Walmart makes me ADD. Especially when roommate Jillian has a lot to shop for and I am bored.

In those moments I have to find ways to entertain myself.

By like hiding in the toilet paper shelves.

And other times I have to sing.

Which lead to conversations like this one ...

Jillian: If you don't stop singing we are going to get kicked out of Walmart.

Mindy: I highly doubt anyone has been kicked out of Walmart for singing.

Jill: Never?

Mindy: Welllll, unless they were singing songs about the KKK or Neo-Nazis or something.

Jill: Because there are songs about the KKK and Neo-Nazis ...

Mindy: There could be. I bet they go something like this, "Burn people! Burn people! In our white hoods!"

And I do have it on video, if you want to hear the tune. Just lemme know if you are interested.

Happy Entertaining shopping to you and yours! Happy Thursday!!

1 comment:

Shan said...

I totally want to see this video.

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