Memorial Day

I love me day off of work!

I do not even care what I do, it is just so refreshing to do something different. I think every month should have a mandatory three-day weekend. 

Today started off with breakfast with the roommates.

And was filled with REMEMBERING.

Remembering the many men and women who have fought for my freedom and yours.

And remembering loved ones passed. 

We first went to the Logan Cemetery to see find the graves of my great-grandparents.

Sometimes, apparently, it can be difficult to remember where they are located. ;) We may have wandered a bit to find them. I joked with my parents that hopefully I will be able to remember where we bury them in the future. 

We then headed to the Smithfield Cemetery to see the graves of my grandparents {and an entire slew of relatives I never knew}. They were a lot easier to find.

My great-great-grandfather {?}, John Thornley, settled Smithfield. 


Annnnd, other Thornley fixtures ... that aren't headstones. But have our last name on them? 

This is the headstone of my grandma and grandpa. 

I have very tender memories of each of their passings. 

My grandfather passed away from a stroke when I was a wee-lass. I remember him being on life-support in the hospital, unresponsive. I remember watching from the doorway as my dad placed his hand on his dad's shoulder in the hospital bed, moments before they removed the support. And he said, "It's okay to go, Dad. It is okay to go," as tears welled in his eyes and his voice cracked.

And my grandmother, I was much older when she left us, only four years ago. She crossed the through the veil of this life and into the next in her home. My father, sister and I arrived before the staff from the funeral home. 

We watched, holding back tears, as they ever-so-carefully carried her body off her bed. As they took away her body, they left a single red rose in the place she once laid. 

As that rose was placed, the tears began to come. And my dad ran up to my sister and I, sobbing {something I had only seen once before, as he said goodbye to his father} and we attempted to console him in the loss of his mother. 

Watching him say goodbye to his parents are some of the most sacred moments this life has offered me.

On a less serious note {my forte}, when my parents were first married, my dad came home one day and announced to my mother that he had just purchased THREE cemetery plots. 

Mom, more than a little bit baffled at the purchase and the number of plots of the purchase was informed by my dad, "They were on sale!"

Nothing better than a 20-something-year-old purchasing his cemetery plots - and an extra - just because they were on sale. :)

These are my parents' three plots.

I encouraged them to lay down on them, but they weren't up for it for some weird reason. Haha! P.s. This may have entirely embarrassed them when I did this. 

Three plots or not, my mom says she will never be buried in Smithfield.

Me either.

Logan Cemetery is where it is at. Pay close attention to the building in the distance, just outside of the Logan Cemetery.

It's the Spectrum, where my Aggies play basketball. :) Sooo, naturally, this is the perfect place for my body to rest. :)

Is it morbid that I think about that? Haha.

All in all, it was a good day. A good day to remember. And a good day to make more memories for the future. 

I hope your remembering was as good as mine.

Happy Monday, people. :)


Avree said...

Lovely post. FYI, I have a plot in the Centerville cemetary, compliments of Matt's parents. Pretty sure Matt is going to die first and I'll sell our plots and have him burried in Logan.

jessie said...

HA! I totally laid on my grave plot today too!! But, it was in the middle of the boonies of Idaho. I thought it would be a good idea to make sure I will fit. happy monday to you too. amen.

Katie Jane said...

My grandpa loved himself some Aggie basketball and he is buried right by the gate behind the spectrum. It makes me smile every time I go there and think about how happy he must be because of his proximity to his beloved Aggies!

Jamie and Brad said...

I want to be buried in Logan to. If I get to be next to Brads family we would be right across from the east doors of the spectrum. If we are with my family we would be close to the stadium, either place would be a GREAT way to spend eternity.
However the plots that have been made available to us are in Hyrum, the bright side is, we have a beautiful view of the temple.

Shan said...

So sad to watch dads cry isn't it? My dad was the same way when my grandpa died.

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