The last week or so ...

I learned that flushing an aerosol can down the toilet clogs the toilet. Weird, right? Good thing I learned last year that backpacks, coats and boxes won't flush ... but toothbrushes, toothpaste and Latex gloves do!

I found out that apparently if you search "pink weepul" on Google search, photos from this blog show up. Now they forsurely will because I just typed that. Doh.

Things at work have been different. I think work-BFF came back at the perfect time. And I don't think that was a coincidence. In fact, I don't believe in coincidences at all really.

I booked my flight to the NYC! I will be celebrating the Fourth of July with Lady Liberty and couldn't be more thrilled about it!

I realized it is waaay more entertaining if someone who is upset sings swearwords and private body parts to you while dancing opposed to them just saying them. 

I brought donuts for my co-workers on Friday because, hello, it was Friday. And Friday couldn't come soon enough last week.

I spelled the word "ain't" while on Google Chrome and it didn't underline it, which clearly teaches us that ain't IS a word. And Pluto is still apparently not a planet ... my entire world has been turned UPSIDE-DOWN with these rampant lies!!

While searching for hotels in NYC, I found one for only 57 dollah a night! Given, one review said there were dead rats in the parking lot ... I think I will pay a little extra to be rat-free.

I HATE having to fill out those crasy letters when leaving a comment on someone's blog, especially if their blog is private. BUT!! I do think it is amusing that Blogger says, "Prove you aren't a robot" right before you do it. That makes me not hate it so much, because I apparently like proving I am not a robot. I just wish there was another way to do it, but I guess there is not or Blogger would let me do that instead. 

I drained my toenail. And Instagrammed it. And put it on FB. I can provide a  "How to" if anyone is interested. :)

Avree called me on the phone. We have been friends for ... a decade!!! And we have spoken on the phone maybe twice. Haha!

I have eaten at Cafe Rio/Costa Vida four out of the last seven days. And I will be eating there again tomorrow. After tomorrow, I think Cafe/Costa and I will be taking a little break. But don't worry, Cafe/Costa, it's not you ... it's me.

I saw some adorable swimsuits that I want to purchase. Doh. For the love of humanity!! Someone tell me I do not need any more swimsuits. P.s. One that I want has stripes ... In my defense, I don't have any striped swimsuits! {At least not that I am aware of!} And notice how I am not linking you to them ... because I.want.ALL.the.swimsuits!

I am on day 18 of stripes. And I thought it was working this morning, until I saw that striped swimsuit and longed ached for it. I could use a new swimsuit {or three!!!} for NY, right? Doesn't going to New York City just scream SWIMSUIT to you? Because clearly, it does to me.

Speaking of buying things ... I found a pair of running shoes that I am dying to purchase. Buuut, I am trying to be all good and be on a budget. Weird, right? Because I feel like an entirely different person on said budget, I figured I might start saying, "Totes" too. What kind of world is this? Mindy on a budget and saying totes?! You would think Hell has frozen over. Buuut, I am not married. So clearly, Hell is still its hot tempered self. :)

I have become concerned with how to spell e-mail/email. E-mail seems more accurate, yet email is used 88% more. Which do you use? And more importantly, which do you think is accurate?

I update my roommate's blog. Sooo, if you want more of Mindy {because, clearly, who doesn't?} who can always go here. Given, I updated biannually. ;) But still.

My nails are currently bedazzled. Bedazzlement makes me happy. And, it makes me happy that Google Chrome thinks bedazzlement is a word. I thought I had made that up ???

I, obviously need to update gold stars ... and announce the winner. I am pretty sure who the winner is without even adding them up. But I need to find motivation? How about it if I do it this weekend I get to purchase the new swimsuit {coughcoughor threecoughcough}? :) Please support me in this. If you do, I will give you 1,000 gold stars! :)

And I think that is all for the last week or so. :)

What have you been up to?


Avree said...

I completely support your swimsuit purchases. Purchase as many as you want. It's not as fun after you have babies and have stretch marks and lumps in places you used to not have them. "e-mail", that's how you should spell it.

Elizabeth Justice said...

Go for the new swim suit! You can never have to many! Speaking of which, I need a new swim suit too!

Shan said...

I totally support you in posting gold stars this weekend and in buying a new swimsuit!

Andrea said...

you and this blog crack me up.

Chynna said...

haha love this. you are too funny. i have been having toilet issues this week too..gahhh they are the worst! especially when they aren't your fault.


Meg said...

I support you, too. I've never been very good at sticking to a budget.

I always write e-mail with the hyphen (I think it's a hyphen) because it seems more correct to me and I like to be correct. I also always type out my words in my texts instead of using the shortcuts so most people probably don't agree with me.

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