The last two weeks ...


I woke up super grumpy Thursday, primarily because it was 3:08 AM when I woke up and I could not fall asleep. Plus, it still wasn't Friday. To try and ungrumpify myself, I bought myself and my officemates donuts.

When I woke up on Friday I thought, "You cannot have donuts on Thursday, but not on Friday." So, I went and bought some more donuts for myself and my officemates. 

My eye has still been twitching. Boo.

I sort of ran into someone I haven't seen in nearly eight months. And haven't spoken to in almost 15. Unless you count, "Hey," and "Hey" when you run into each other unexpectedly at the grocery store as "talking to". Clearly, I don't. 

I did a workout up Old Main hill. Times 12. It was beastly. Buuut, there is so much satisfaction in knowing what the human body - YOUR BODY - is physically capable of. It's kinda scary too. :)

I concluded donuts from Macey's trump donuts from Lee's.

I had to go to the park to play games with my clients for work. It was rough.

My obsession with peanut butter cup shakes has not subsided.

I found some running buddies and it has made me so happy!

My work BFF returned. :) :) :)

I did something I didn't want to do, that I was terrified of ... but did it because I felt it was right. I couldn't have done it without Sarah's help. Love her.

I purchased another striped shirt. Doh.

My Aggies got invited to the Mountain West Conference!!!!!!!

I had to explain to work BFF {who is a male} what that entailed.

I found someone who reminds me of my old BFF. Not to be confused with work BFF. I am not sure how I feel about the man who reminds me of my old BFF.

While trying to tell my client to start following her schedule I actually said, "You need to fart."

I sent a text talking about flushing a weepul down a toilet. Or so I thought. The text actually said, "Flash a Whipple", which just so happens to be the last name of the person I was texting. Oops.

I started a Twitter account just so I could follow Bernard Lagat {I am kinda in love with him}. And I don't think I have any intention of doing anything but stalking him on it.

I was given a DC or Marvel quiz and I passed with flying colors!

My brother and sister-in-law came into town! Wellll, Salt Lake and we went to City Creek.

I ate fried pickles!!!! Yum!

I bought entirely too much at H&M and Forever21. But don't worry, I am going back tomorrow. Not to return them. To buy more. :)

I saw some hideously looking prom dresses.

I had the following conversation with my dad:

"Are they making clothes brighter these days?"

"Dad, it's neon."

"Ah, ne-on."

I found a ghost tour in SLC that I want to go on.

And, that is kinda about all.

What have YOU been up to?

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Shan said...

There's a Ghost Tour in Salt Lake? I'm interested in hearing about that one.

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