I probably shouldn't admit this ...

But sometimes, for no rhyme or reason, the thought comes to my mind, "I think I am going to die here."

Sometimes it is while I am running on a trail. Sometimes it is while driving my car in a sketchy area. Other times it is when in a parking lot late at night walking to my car.

This thought crossed my mind last night while attempting to swim "laps" at the hotel pool. I say "attempt" because the pool is not made in a shape that has been labeled by mankind, at least not yet. Unless this is a shape you know and I do not ...

But the shape of the pool is beside the point.

The point is this: I thought I was going to die there.

It was getting a little dark outside and the lights around the pool and pool deck turned on. Mix that with my blue swim goggles and the world turned to a weird almost-sepia shade, which is an ideal color for someone to die, no?

But besides the eerie color my eyes saw, I genuinely had a feeling that I was not safe.

I paused and thought, "Am I not safe because I am swimming 'laps' after having eaten a rather LARGE meal from Hyer's Big H and I might get a killer cramp {literally} resulting in me drowning" ... After all, swimmers are encouraged not to swim alone, "Or is my actual safety in jeopardy in this location at all?"

I felt it was not the latter, so instead of swimming laps, I switched to running laps. That way I could be more alert of my surroundings at the dark and dreary pool deck. Plus, it was perfect for me to make my suspicions of who would have killed me had I kept swimming laps.

There was the man in the exercise room. He was big and burly. And he looked a lot like this man, mustache and all!

The second man who had suspicious behavior was a janitor in the cafe. I think he was suspicious because 1. He kept walking around the windows and looking out and 2. He was wearing a janitor's uniform like the killer in Lady in White. Oh, wait. He wasn't really the killer, but everyone thought he was. So, naturally, anyone in a janitor's uniform now resembles a killer to me too.

Then, our last suspect. A little Asian man who was in room #217 who continued to look out his balcony down at the pool. It is always the one you least expect it from {except for the times it is not} that kills ya!

But don't worry, I had witnesses to my murder planned out too. The woman in #219 who, when she looked out her window, looked more concerning than murdererish. And then the man and woman who were in the exercise room, before they left, naturally.


Even though I was solving my death before it even occurred, I felt much safer while running in the pool opposed to swimming. AND! I think this goes without saying, but guess what! I didn't die.

And just in case you wouldn't believe me, I took the photograph above.

And I wrote this post.

I think that is enough proof that I survived right?

P.s. I tried to break all the rules. But was only able to disobey three. Can you guess which ones?

Lastly, apparently I have already written a post about my death, because I have a tag for my posts that says, "Mindy's death". Awesome.


Missy W. said...

What's killer crap? It sounds dangerous :)

Stephanie Hyde said...

Oh my lady in white...you crack me up. I haven't seen that in ages! I'm glad you're not dead

Shan said...

I say you ran, were in the spa for more than 15 minutes, and went in alone.

Meg said...

You didn't consult your physician before entering the pool? :)

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