Work Conference. Boo.

Every two years I attend a conference in Salt Lake City for work. I pretty much loathe this conference .. because I have to be touched by strange men.

I better explain that.

I work with clients with intellectual disabilities. As the behaviorist, I work with clients with challenging behaviors. On some occasions, some of those clients must be physically restrained to maintain the safety of everyone in the environment.

Somehow, quite unbeknownst to me, I was chosen to be the restraint instructor. Have I ever told you, I have a very, very LARGE bubble. Meaning, touch me and die!

To be a certified instructor, I have to go to this conference every two years.


My favorite is when some stinky, strange man is restraining me and we get to have this conversation, "Hi, my name is Mindy. What is yours?"

In my world, even if that conversation has been had years prior, it doesn't mean you are allowed to touch me.

My roommates came down after the first day of my conference to save me.


And save me, they did. 

We did a little shopping, had dinner and of course made it over to Temple Square to do my tradition

We had an epic sleepover and partied like it was 1999. Or in other words, like Claire was nine-years-old. Apparently, Claire was a very fun child.

When my work day was over today, I tried to copy everything I did with my roommate yesterday. I tried to do some shopping. I picked up dinner. And I tried to party, but it is kinda lame when you are by yourself {as they drove back to Logan this morning to jobs and other nonsensical prattle}.


I am now debating whether or not I should swim some laps in a circular pool {which ought to be interesting, to say the least} or go get second dinner.

Tough decisions.

But!!! I do get to come home tomorrow and only have to be touched by strange men who have not bathed for half of the day. 

I can survive, right???


Whitney B. said...

I am happy to hear the explanation of strange men touching you. When I read that status update on Facebook I was worried! You are adorable as ever. I love hearing about your adventures. Miss and love you.

Missy W. said...

why are they all men?

Shan said...

Thank you for the explanation.

Meg said...

I understand the big bubble. My whole family leans toward the big bubble side of things. My sister (not the one you know) once punched a kid in the stomach for putting his arm around her shoulder. I don't think I'll get into restraint instructing. :)

Liv Blair said...

Ok I saw this facebook status and was waiting for an explanation!

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