Death defying!

I have jumped out of an airplane 13,000 feet above the ground.

And bungee-jumped off the Stratosphere 800 feet above the Las Vegas Strip.

And they had nothin' on what I did last week.

I strapped on a helmet.

And hopped on a motorcycle. 

And rode off into the sunset knew I was going to die!


When we sped up, I panicked

When we slowed down, I panicked.

When we changed lanes, I panicked.

When we turned left, I panicked.

When we turned right, I panicked

Let's just say, I panicked ... a lot.

Bless my friend's little heart who was driving. In attempts to calm my nerves he spoke about the weather. It was a beautiful day. But between screams I said, "We cannot think about the beautiful day! We have to think about dying!"

I came up with about 117 different ways I could have possibly died while on that thing. And envisioned every way my flesh could be destroyed.

So, for now ... for now I will stick to jumping off and out of things. Because that is clearly less terrifying.

And for today, that's all. :)


Shan said...

That cracks me up. I felt the same way the only time I've been on a motorcycle.

Meg said...

I loved the one motorcycle ride I went on. Not enough to ever want to own one, but it was fun.

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