Ain't no thang.

I am five feet and eleven inches tall.

That is a whopping seven inches taller than the average American woman.

And just for fun, it is two inches taller than the average American man. 

Being this tall has had its advantages, like being tall enough to ride on the exciting rides at Disneyland/all theme parks when I was much younger than any other rider.

And, I can always reache things off of shelves. 

Unfortunately, there are some disadvantages. 

Liiike, being a whopping seven inches taller than the average woman and two inches taller than many, many men. :)

Annnd, being too tall to play in play-lands at McDonalds/wherever when I was little young. 

I have never tried to let my height be too much of a disadvantage though, never letting it stop me doing things I want to do.

Like fitting into suitcases, for example.

In my heart and skeletons pajamas, no less!

Oh, and Claire can fit in it too. Buuut, she's an average American woman, so don't be as impressed as you are with me, mm-k?

And just so you know, this was extremely panic inducing. I wouldn't support trying this at home. 

I think I am now going to update Stabi's blog with the exact same photos, but with a different twist.

What did YOU do this weekend? 


P.s. I like this article about an article. A lot.

And I got the striped swimsuit here. And I got the other two here. If you choose Lime Ricki, use the promo code of LRFF2012 and get 30% off your entire purchase. I am not sure when this offer no longer is valid. So use it quick! :)


MeganandClaudy said...

Mindy! I got the blog face lift (including all cute buttons) done by my friend at Something Swanky. She did all of the design aspects. She is awesome! She also has free tutorials on her blog how to do designs if you'd like to see how, or you're free to contact her. Here's her website: http://www.somethingswanky.com/

Shan said...

Awesome that you can fit in a suitcase and yay about the swimsuits, but wasn't that just a reward for posting the gold star winner?

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