Memorial Day

I love me day off of work!

I do not even care what I do, it is just so refreshing to do something different. I think every month should have a mandatory three-day weekend. 

Today started off with breakfast with the roommates.

And was filled with REMEMBERING.

Remembering the many men and women who have fought for my freedom and yours.

And remembering loved ones passed. 

We first went to the Logan Cemetery to see find the graves of my great-grandparents.

Sometimes, apparently, it can be difficult to remember where they are located. ;) We may have wandered a bit to find them. I joked with my parents that hopefully I will be able to remember where we bury them in the future. 

We then headed to the Smithfield Cemetery to see the graves of my grandparents {and an entire slew of relatives I never knew}. They were a lot easier to find.

My great-great-grandfather {?}, John Thornley, settled Smithfield. 


Annnnd, other Thornley fixtures ... that aren't headstones. But have our last name on them? 

This is the headstone of my grandma and grandpa. 

I have very tender memories of each of their passings. 

My grandfather passed away from a stroke when I was a wee-lass. I remember him being on life-support in the hospital, unresponsive. I remember watching from the doorway as my dad placed his hand on his dad's shoulder in the hospital bed, moments before they removed the support. And he said, "It's okay to go, Dad. It is okay to go," as tears welled in his eyes and his voice cracked.

And my grandmother, I was much older when she left us, only four years ago. She crossed the through the veil of this life and into the next in her home. My father, sister and I arrived before the staff from the funeral home. 

We watched, holding back tears, as they ever-so-carefully carried her body off her bed. As they took away her body, they left a single red rose in the place she once laid. 

As that rose was placed, the tears began to come. And my dad ran up to my sister and I, sobbing {something I had only seen once before, as he said goodbye to his father} and we attempted to console him in the loss of his mother. 

Watching him say goodbye to his parents are some of the most sacred moments this life has offered me.

On a less serious note {my forte}, when my parents were first married, my dad came home one day and announced to my mother that he had just purchased THREE cemetery plots. 

Mom, more than a little bit baffled at the purchase and the number of plots of the purchase was informed by my dad, "They were on sale!"

Nothing better than a 20-something-year-old purchasing his cemetery plots - and an extra - just because they were on sale. :)

These are my parents' three plots.

I encouraged them to lay down on them, but they weren't up for it for some weird reason. Haha! P.s. This may have entirely embarrassed them when I did this. 

Three plots or not, my mom says she will never be buried in Smithfield.

Me either.

Logan Cemetery is where it is at. Pay close attention to the building in the distance, just outside of the Logan Cemetery.

It's the Spectrum, where my Aggies play basketball. :) Sooo, naturally, this is the perfect place for my body to rest. :)

Is it morbid that I think about that? Haha.

All in all, it was a good day. A good day to remember. And a good day to make more memories for the future. 

I hope your remembering was as good as mine.

Happy Monday, people. :)


Ain't no thang.

I am five feet and eleven inches tall.

That is a whopping seven inches taller than the average American woman.

And just for fun, it is two inches taller than the average American man. 

Being this tall has had its advantages, like being tall enough to ride on the exciting rides at Disneyland/all theme parks when I was much younger than any other rider.

And, I can always reache things off of shelves. 

Unfortunately, there are some disadvantages. 

Liiike, being a whopping seven inches taller than the average woman and two inches taller than many, many men. :)

Annnd, being too tall to play in play-lands at McDonalds/wherever when I was little young. 

I have never tried to let my height be too much of a disadvantage though, never letting it stop me doing things I want to do.

Like fitting into suitcases, for example.

In my heart and skeletons pajamas, no less!

Oh, and Claire can fit in it too. Buuut, she's an average American woman, so don't be as impressed as you are with me, mm-k?

And just so you know, this was extremely panic inducing. I wouldn't support trying this at home. 

I think I am now going to update Stabi's blog with the exact same photos, but with a different twist.

What did YOU do this weekend? 


P.s. I like this article about an article. A lot.

And I got the striped swimsuit here. And I got the other two here. If you choose Lime Ricki, use the promo code of LRFF2012 and get 30% off your entire purchase. I am not sure when this offer no longer is valid. So use it quick! :)


Swimsuits here, swimsuits there, swimsuits everywhere!

Or at least in my swimsuit drawer. Yup. I have one full drawer for swimsuits and swimsuits alone.

Buuut, it is a small drawer. Soooo, that makes it okay. Totes.*

As mentioned yesterday, I have had swimsuits on my mind. Three swimsuits, to be specific. 

I have been trying uber hard not to purchase them. 

I don't need three more swimsuits.

NYC doesn't really scream swimsuit to me nor anyone else, no matter how much I try to convince myself it does. 

Speaking of NYC, I am trying to save my money. Sooo, don't spend it on swimsuits. 

Don't buy swimsuits.

Don't buy swimsuits.

Don't buy swimsuits.

Buuuut, then !!!! I got an email from the swimsuit store giving me a promo for 30% off.

And!!! I may have put up this FB status and received these responses {pay attention to Kennan's even though his profile photo makes him look like a terrorist}:

And, naturally, with all of these things combined, I am now the proud new owner of:

 And ...


I mean ... Life is short. I don't want to be old and have regrets about these beauts. And these just might be the key to finding my husband. Or so says Kennan.

And while I rarely listen to him, I did this time. Clearly. 

And I am pretty sure I am pretty happy I did.

Summer. Bring.it.

* I am using this word to be obnoxious. I don't really use it in real life, unless to be obnoxious at that point as well. :)


The last week or so ...

I learned that flushing an aerosol can down the toilet clogs the toilet. Weird, right? Good thing I learned last year that backpacks, coats and boxes won't flush ... but toothbrushes, toothpaste and Latex gloves do!

I found out that apparently if you search "pink weepul" on Google search, photos from this blog show up. Now they forsurely will because I just typed that. Doh.

Things at work have been different. I think work-BFF came back at the perfect time. And I don't think that was a coincidence. In fact, I don't believe in coincidences at all really.

I booked my flight to the NYC! I will be celebrating the Fourth of July with Lady Liberty and couldn't be more thrilled about it!

I realized it is waaay more entertaining if someone who is upset sings swearwords and private body parts to you while dancing opposed to them just saying them. 

I brought donuts for my co-workers on Friday because, hello, it was Friday. And Friday couldn't come soon enough last week.

I spelled the word "ain't" while on Google Chrome and it didn't underline it, which clearly teaches us that ain't IS a word. And Pluto is still apparently not a planet ... my entire world has been turned UPSIDE-DOWN with these rampant lies!!

While searching for hotels in NYC, I found one for only 57 dollah a night! Given, one review said there were dead rats in the parking lot ... I think I will pay a little extra to be rat-free.

I HATE having to fill out those crasy letters when leaving a comment on someone's blog, especially if their blog is private. BUT!! I do think it is amusing that Blogger says, "Prove you aren't a robot" right before you do it. That makes me not hate it so much, because I apparently like proving I am not a robot. I just wish there was another way to do it, but I guess there is not or Blogger would let me do that instead. 

I drained my toenail. And Instagrammed it. And put it on FB. I can provide a  "How to" if anyone is interested. :)

Avree called me on the phone. We have been friends for ... a decade!!! And we have spoken on the phone maybe twice. Haha!

I have eaten at Cafe Rio/Costa Vida four out of the last seven days. And I will be eating there again tomorrow. After tomorrow, I think Cafe/Costa and I will be taking a little break. But don't worry, Cafe/Costa, it's not you ... it's me.

I saw some adorable swimsuits that I want to purchase. Doh. For the love of humanity!! Someone tell me I do not need any more swimsuits. P.s. One that I want has stripes ... In my defense, I don't have any striped swimsuits! {At least not that I am aware of!} And notice how I am not linking you to them ... because I.want.ALL.the.swimsuits!

I am on day 18 of stripes. And I thought it was working this morning, until I saw that striped swimsuit and longed ached for it. I could use a new swimsuit {or three!!!} for NY, right? Doesn't going to New York City just scream SWIMSUIT to you? Because clearly, it does to me.

Speaking of buying things ... I found a pair of running shoes that I am dying to purchase. Buuut, I am trying to be all good and be on a budget. Weird, right? Because I feel like an entirely different person on said budget, I figured I might start saying, "Totes" too. What kind of world is this? Mindy on a budget and saying totes?! You would think Hell has frozen over. Buuut, I am not married. So clearly, Hell is still its hot tempered self. :)

I have become concerned with how to spell e-mail/email. E-mail seems more accurate, yet email is used 88% more. Which do you use? And more importantly, which do you think is accurate?

I update my roommate's blog. Sooo, if you want more of Mindy {because, clearly, who doesn't?} who can always go here. Given, I updated biannually. ;) But still.

My nails are currently bedazzled. Bedazzlement makes me happy. And, it makes me happy that Google Chrome thinks bedazzlement is a word. I thought I had made that up ???

I, obviously need to update gold stars ... and announce the winner. I am pretty sure who the winner is without even adding them up. But I need to find motivation? How about it if I do it this weekend I get to purchase the new swimsuit {coughcoughor threecoughcough}? :) Please support me in this. If you do, I will give you 1,000 gold stars! :)

And I think that is all for the last week or so. :)

What have you been up to?


Death defying!

I have jumped out of an airplane 13,000 feet above the ground.

And bungee-jumped off the Stratosphere 800 feet above the Las Vegas Strip.

And they had nothin' on what I did last week.

I strapped on a helmet.

And hopped on a motorcycle. 

And rode off into the sunset knew I was going to die!


When we sped up, I panicked

When we slowed down, I panicked.

When we changed lanes, I panicked.

When we turned left, I panicked.

When we turned right, I panicked

Let's just say, I panicked ... a lot.

Bless my friend's little heart who was driving. In attempts to calm my nerves he spoke about the weather. It was a beautiful day. But between screams I said, "We cannot think about the beautiful day! We have to think about dying!"

I came up with about 117 different ways I could have possibly died while on that thing. And envisioned every way my flesh could be destroyed.

So, for now ... for now I will stick to jumping off and out of things. Because that is clearly less terrifying.

And for today, that's all. :)


Solar Eclipse

Today, in the southwestern Unites States, there was a solar eclipse!

P.s. I put the exclamation point there just in case it sounded entirely too scientific to be even remotely, semi-cool. 

It was actually an annular solar eclipse, which means the moon doesn't completely cover the sun, it sits nicely inside, leaving enough space on the outside for a ring of fire! Dun, dun, dun!

I totally feel like this is a science lesson. We should stop that.

The only problem with the solar eclipse is that it can BLIND you ... literally.

So, you have to be creative with how you view it to save your eyeballs. 

And, boy, oh boy! We did!

Not only did I protect my eyeballs, but I looked kinda like an Avenger in training. P.s. I am the one in the stripes, obviously.

I aimed my camera in the general direction of the sun.

When that didn't show the eclipse, I tried taking a photo inside of the welding mask.

And when THAT didn't work {because it just looked like radiation}, I just stole this photograph off of Facebook. :)

You can see the moon making its way off the sun.

And, guess what else?

The Nephew One supplied us with edibles as we observed.

Apparently this makes me a big deal, or something equally as cool, for seeing it. Right?

Who else saw it???

And if not, at least tell me the coolest thing you saw over the weekend.



They say ...

doing the same thing over and over and expecting to get a different result is the definition of insanity.

And I am here to tell you: they are wrong.

I ran a timed mile about a month ago, ya know, just to see where I was at without really having ran more than 10 times in the last year.  I ran so slow that my fourth-grade PE mile time was 1.5 minutes faster. Haha!

Last night I decided to run another timed mile, having ran two or three times since the last timed mile {and when I say "run", I mean 20 minutes at 10 minute pace}.

And guess what!

I ran 11 seconds faster. 

Still 1.25 minutes slower than my fourth-grade time, buuuut whatev.

Faster is faster and having done nothing to deserve running 11 seconds faster, I am happy.

Plus, it is Friday. So I am super happy! The end.


Oh, Walmart.

Sometimes Walmart makes me ADD. Especially when roommate Jillian has a lot to shop for and I am bored.

In those moments I have to find ways to entertain myself.

By like hiding in the toilet paper shelves.

And other times I have to sing.

Which lead to conversations like this one ...

Jillian: If you don't stop singing we are going to get kicked out of Walmart.

Mindy: I highly doubt anyone has been kicked out of Walmart for singing.

Jill: Never?

Mindy: Welllll, unless they were singing songs about the KKK or Neo-Nazis or something.

Jill: Because there are songs about the KKK and Neo-Nazis ...

Mindy: There could be. I bet they go something like this, "Burn people! Burn people! In our white hoods!"

And I do have it on video, if you want to hear the tune. Just lemme know if you are interested.

Happy Entertaining shopping to you and yours! Happy Thursday!!



v. sey-shee-eyt; adj. sey-shee-it, -eyt] 
verb, sa·ti·at·ed, sa·ti·at·ing, adjective
verb (used with object)
to supply with anything to excess, so as to disgust or weary;surfeit.

At my work we have countless interventions and strategies that can be used to help our clients manage their behavior. 

One of them that we can use {but I don't really like, so I have never written into a behavior plan} is satiation. 

An example of this could be our client, Jane Doe. Say Jane loooooves M&Ms. And all she does all day long is steal M&Ms from other people to eat them all herself. 

A possible intervention could be to allow Jane to eat and eat and eat M&Ms until the cows came home until she just.doesn't.want.to.eat.them. anymore {just thinking about it makes me want to gag - and I loooove M&Ms}.

And then, voila! No more stealing M&Ms!

I bet you can see why I never write this into the behavior plans of my clients, no?

While I haven't {and most likely never will} write it into their plans, I somehow allowed my roommates to implement it with me. 

Here's the thing, I have been a little-bit obsessed with stripes lately. Lest we forget, my stripes on stripes a few months back. 

I just want to buy ALL THE STRIPES I see everywhere. 

So, it was intervention time.

Enter satiation.

I have been challenged to wear stripes every day ... for 30 days straight.

Here's a little teaser into my life the last night days.

And hopefully, by day 30 I will be so satiated on stripes that I will probably NEVER want to purchase ANYTHING with stripes again. Problem.solved. Hopefully.


Somethin' to think about ...

A friend wrote a post today that I just.loved.

It is on a topic I have felt so strongly about since social media exploded over the past five or six years. 

I wrote a little bit about it last year. But Cara did such a better job than I did or ever could. 

Read it here

Some of my favorite excerpts:

"I thought how this is the fundamental problem with bragging. When we brag, we make others feel inadequate, incompetent, or envious. When we brag, HOW DOES IT MAKE OTHERS FEEL?"


"I don't know about you, but I want people to feel comfortable around me and want to be around me. I don't want them to feel intimidated or inadequate. I want to build others up. Are there certain people in your life that you are just drawn to and want to be around? Now think about if they are braggers. Chances are, they are not. That's how I want to be. So I will renew my efforts at living a brag-free life. I'm sure I'll slip up. No one is perfect right? But don't worry, I'll be sure to let you all know how awesome I am at not bragging sometime soon. :)"

Happy Monday. :)


"Everywhere ...

... in nature we are taught the lessons of patience and waiting. We want things a long time before we get them, and the fact that we want them a long time makes them all the more precious when they come.”

 ― Joseph F. Smith

I like that it says when ... too easily and too often interchangeable with if. 


I probably shouldn't admit this ...

But sometimes, for no rhyme or reason, the thought comes to my mind, "I think I am going to die here."

Sometimes it is while I am running on a trail. Sometimes it is while driving my car in a sketchy area. Other times it is when in a parking lot late at night walking to my car.

This thought crossed my mind last night while attempting to swim "laps" at the hotel pool. I say "attempt" because the pool is not made in a shape that has been labeled by mankind, at least not yet. Unless this is a shape you know and I do not ...

But the shape of the pool is beside the point.

The point is this: I thought I was going to die there.

It was getting a little dark outside and the lights around the pool and pool deck turned on. Mix that with my blue swim goggles and the world turned to a weird almost-sepia shade, which is an ideal color for someone to die, no?

But besides the eerie color my eyes saw, I genuinely had a feeling that I was not safe.

I paused and thought, "Am I not safe because I am swimming 'laps' after having eaten a rather LARGE meal from Hyer's Big H and I might get a killer cramp {literally} resulting in me drowning" ... After all, swimmers are encouraged not to swim alone, "Or is my actual safety in jeopardy in this location at all?"

I felt it was not the latter, so instead of swimming laps, I switched to running laps. That way I could be more alert of my surroundings at the dark and dreary pool deck. Plus, it was perfect for me to make my suspicions of who would have killed me had I kept swimming laps.

There was the man in the exercise room. He was big and burly. And he looked a lot like this man, mustache and all!

The second man who had suspicious behavior was a janitor in the cafe. I think he was suspicious because 1. He kept walking around the windows and looking out and 2. He was wearing a janitor's uniform like the killer in Lady in White. Oh, wait. He wasn't really the killer, but everyone thought he was. So, naturally, anyone in a janitor's uniform now resembles a killer to me too.

Then, our last suspect. A little Asian man who was in room #217 who continued to look out his balcony down at the pool. It is always the one you least expect it from {except for the times it is not} that kills ya!

But don't worry, I had witnesses to my murder planned out too. The woman in #219 who, when she looked out her window, looked more concerning than murdererish. And then the man and woman who were in the exercise room, before they left, naturally.


Even though I was solving my death before it even occurred, I felt much safer while running in the pool opposed to swimming. AND! I think this goes without saying, but guess what! I didn't die.

And just in case you wouldn't believe me, I took the photograph above.

And I wrote this post.

I think that is enough proof that I survived right?

P.s. I tried to break all the rules. But was only able to disobey three. Can you guess which ones?

Lastly, apparently I have already written a post about my death, because I have a tag for my posts that says, "Mindy's death". Awesome.


Work Conference. Boo.

Every two years I attend a conference in Salt Lake City for work. I pretty much loathe this conference .. because I have to be touched by strange men.

I better explain that.

I work with clients with intellectual disabilities. As the behaviorist, I work with clients with challenging behaviors. On some occasions, some of those clients must be physically restrained to maintain the safety of everyone in the environment.

Somehow, quite unbeknownst to me, I was chosen to be the restraint instructor. Have I ever told you, I have a very, very LARGE bubble. Meaning, touch me and die!

To be a certified instructor, I have to go to this conference every two years.


My favorite is when some stinky, strange man is restraining me and we get to have this conversation, "Hi, my name is Mindy. What is yours?"

In my world, even if that conversation has been had years prior, it doesn't mean you are allowed to touch me.

My roommates came down after the first day of my conference to save me.


And save me, they did. 

We did a little shopping, had dinner and of course made it over to Temple Square to do my tradition

We had an epic sleepover and partied like it was 1999. Or in other words, like Claire was nine-years-old. Apparently, Claire was a very fun child.

When my work day was over today, I tried to copy everything I did with my roommate yesterday. I tried to do some shopping. I picked up dinner. And I tried to party, but it is kinda lame when you are by yourself {as they drove back to Logan this morning to jobs and other nonsensical prattle}.


I am now debating whether or not I should swim some laps in a circular pool {which ought to be interesting, to say the least} or go get second dinner.

Tough decisions.

But!!! I do get to come home tomorrow and only have to be touched by strange men who have not bathed for half of the day. 

I can survive, right???


The last two weeks ...


I woke up super grumpy Thursday, primarily because it was 3:08 AM when I woke up and I could not fall asleep. Plus, it still wasn't Friday. To try and ungrumpify myself, I bought myself and my officemates donuts.

When I woke up on Friday I thought, "You cannot have donuts on Thursday, but not on Friday." So, I went and bought some more donuts for myself and my officemates. 

My eye has still been twitching. Boo.

I sort of ran into someone I haven't seen in nearly eight months. And haven't spoken to in almost 15. Unless you count, "Hey," and "Hey" when you run into each other unexpectedly at the grocery store as "talking to". Clearly, I don't. 

I did a workout up Old Main hill. Times 12. It was beastly. Buuut, there is so much satisfaction in knowing what the human body - YOUR BODY - is physically capable of. It's kinda scary too. :)

I concluded donuts from Macey's trump donuts from Lee's.

I had to go to the park to play games with my clients for work. It was rough.

My obsession with peanut butter cup shakes has not subsided.

I found some running buddies and it has made me so happy!

My work BFF returned. :) :) :)

I did something I didn't want to do, that I was terrified of ... but did it because I felt it was right. I couldn't have done it without Sarah's help. Love her.

I purchased another striped shirt. Doh.

My Aggies got invited to the Mountain West Conference!!!!!!!

I had to explain to work BFF {who is a male} what that entailed.

I found someone who reminds me of my old BFF. Not to be confused with work BFF. I am not sure how I feel about the man who reminds me of my old BFF.

While trying to tell my client to start following her schedule I actually said, "You need to fart."

I sent a text talking about flushing a weepul down a toilet. Or so I thought. The text actually said, "Flash a Whipple", which just so happens to be the last name of the person I was texting. Oops.

I started a Twitter account just so I could follow Bernard Lagat {I am kinda in love with him}. And I don't think I have any intention of doing anything but stalking him on it.

I was given a DC or Marvel quiz and I passed with flying colors!

My brother and sister-in-law came into town! Wellll, Salt Lake and we went to City Creek.

I ate fried pickles!!!! Yum!

I bought entirely too much at H&M and Forever21. But don't worry, I am going back tomorrow. Not to return them. To buy more. :)

I saw some hideously looking prom dresses.

I had the following conversation with my dad:

"Are they making clothes brighter these days?"

"Dad, it's neon."

"Ah, ne-on."

I found a ghost tour in SLC that I want to go on.

And, that is kinda about all.

What have YOU been up to?


Plan B ...

for the wooden R, not the anti-conception pill.

The LAST activity I planned as Relief Society President was held three days after I was released.

And it couldn't have been more perfect ... as it was a BONFIRE.

We cooked hot dogos* and S'mores.

We intentionally held it at the same location as our first activity of the year.

I know I say this all the time, but I sure do love these gals.

Emilee, Mindy & Summer : Missing Sarah  :(
 While good people and bonfire food was the original plan, once all the food and people were gone, these gals stood nearby as I placed that nasty, wooden R on the fire.

 And it began to burn.

Until it was completely gone.

In those moments I reflected what the last two years have brought me. And I was grateful for everything. Absolutely.everything.

And a little sad to let it all go.

But on the bright side: my keys downsized by at least 75%, I don't have to make visiting teaching assignments once the semester is over and I no longer have to have a clipboard nor a binder near me at Church anymore. :)

Here's to that and to not planning any activities for quite sometime. ;)

* Name that movie! 

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