The Titanic

Fact: I have never seen the movie Titanic.

I have seen random bits and pieces of it like, "ICEBERG AHEAD!" {Typed with the British accent, naturally.}  

Not to spoil the fun for anyone who hasn't seen it, buuuut the ship sinks and don't believe a word that Rose-lady tells you - she DOES let go!

And the "romantic love story"? Please. I find watching grass grow more romantic than two people who "fall in love" in a day's time. And the behaviorist in me wants to say that the strong "emotions" they THINK they feel for each other have been manipulated by experiencing a "traumatic" experience together, confusing their emotions of gratitude and survival for love. Not to mention Rose's strong disdain for Rich Dude {I don't know his name} would be enough to send her running into ANY man's arms, convinced it must be love simply because new man is not Rich Dude. 

Wow. Who knew I felt so strongly about that movie? :)

While I think the movie is sub par {Yup, I just said it and I said it using a golf analogy - what is this world coming to?!}, I am very interested in the actual history of it. That is why I went to the Titanic exhibit in Las Vegas when I got the chance ... and that is why I bought my roommates the awesome Titanic coloring book.

And so, in commemoration of the centennial of the Titanic's epic tragedy, my roommates and I spent April 15th coloring.

And consequently not related to the Titanic, have you noticed I found Instagram? Because I did.

Lastly, I did not get my nap yesterday afternoon. Sigh.

But in perkier news, my roommate is making me No Bake cookies. And I can hardly wait to consume them!


Mike said...

In Jack and Rose's defense, they knew each other for FOUR days, which is CLEARLY enough time to fall in love with someone! :-)

Elizabeth Justice said...

Just thought I might say that my husband and I fell in love on our very first date...we were engaged the following week...haha!!

Shan said...

My husband told me he loved me on the third day after we started dating (I didn't say it back though ;) I guess it happens. :)

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