Spring Football

Style and I headed to see the USU football team play their spring scrimmage game today.

It was big day in Aggie athletics as Nike has taken us under their wing to provide us with a new logo and all new {and free!} uniforms. In fact, they are giving all of our teams new uniforms. Three new uniforms for each team to be exact.

Thank you, Nike President Charlie Denson, for being an Aggie Alumna! 

I think I like the new logo. I think I am okay that we will now sport a third, grey uniform. And the game was fun.

But that is not what I will remember about this day.

No, I will remember how after years and years of sitting in that stadium with my Style that on this day, he told me he helped build Romney Stadium.

Seriously, Style? It never crossed your mind to tell me until now? :)

He helped lay down the concrete to make those stairs behind us!

P.s. My eyeballs are overly sensitive to the sun. Ignore that.

Style was able to receive a scholarship to Utah State University by running speedy times in track and field. And by doing so, he was invited to work construction on the new football stadium, as they liked to help out their athletes as much as they could.

Style lucked out because he made $3.67 an hour working construction on the stadium while most of his friends were making roughly $1.10 an hour at local restaurants or a local factory, Del Monte. 


The stadium we have sat side-by-side in game in and game out, loss after loss after loss {and then a win here and there}, where we have cheered on our beloved Aggies for years ...

And I didn't even know it until today!

What other secrets you keepin' from us, Style?

Big day today. So many events going on! Big week too! Get ready for a post-bombarding sometime soon!


Sierra said...

Wow! That's awesome!

Oh, Just Living the Dream

Meg said...

That is pretty cool. Too funny that he never mentioned it before.

Shan said...

Way cool!

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