R is still for RELEASED.

When I began attending my current ward over two years ago, I noticed this hideous looking craft "R" on the piano in the Relief Society room.

I am not sure if I hated it because it was a craft or because it was an ugly craft. But the fact is, I hated it. 

I would come into Relief Society every Sunday and see it there just ... all uglified. And crafty.

Fortunately, it didn't last long. As soon as I was put in as Relief Society President, I took the ugly R and unlocked the cupboard in the Relief Society room {because I then possessed the keys} and I locked the ugly little bugger RIGHT UP! Essentially, making me the best Relief Society President ever by saving every woman and man who ever walked into that room from such an uglay sight!

As I locked it up I knew when it would see the light of day again ... the day I was released, so it could be set on fire and BURNED!!!

I set up a little tepee fire as the base. And I felt like I was really getting somewhere. 

But then the fire simmered ...

And simmered down to nothing. 

I realized I needed more and bigger kindle. Good thing the old, abandoned house up the street had some sticks for me!

And I started again.

And failed. Again.

It was then I decided to douse it with alcohol.

I may have been yelling, "More alcohol! More alcohol!" in the streets, to which my neighbor came out and said, "You've only been released for three hours and your already demanding alcohol?" :)

I felt like the alcohol was working.

Until I felt like it wasn't.


I would have been in the depths of despair, but I had a Plan B ...

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