R is for ...

I was called to be Relief Society President for my ward two years ago {read as: president of the women's organization in my local congregation}.

When my bishop {congregation leader} asked me to be the president, I laughed out loud. 

I laughed out loud for probably a minute or so. 

Yet, I noticed he wasn't laughing with me.

While continuing to laugh I say, "Oh! You are serious?"

He smiled, but didn't laugh.

Still laughing, "My answer is yes if you are serious."

He was serious.

While the R does stand for Relief Society, today it stands for something else.


Two years and 3.5  presidencies later ...

Courtney Carlson Bilodeau, Mindy, Jane Sorenson, Christy Brian, Sarah Pope and Chey Broderick

Emilee Hagloch, Sarah Pope, Elise Fackrell Bruckner and Mindy
Less than an hour before we were released : Sarah Pope, Mindy, Emilee Hagloch and Summer Lyday

And I have been released.

There is a definite relief with the weight of being responsible of 140 girls no longer mine to carry.

Yet, a void of where that weight of responsibility for 140 girls used to be. 

When my bishop asked me my thoughts on my two years I smiled and said, "I am happy to have served."

And I am. I am happy to serve the Lord wherever and whenever He wants me.

And I think I know where He wants me next. ;) And I am excited about it.

P.s. I actually have that wooden R in my possession. I have BIG plans for it now that I am released. BIG plans. Just.you.wait. :)

For those members of my 3.5 presidencies, I love you. You will always have a special place in my heart. You all made it so that weight was not mine to carry alone, and for that ... My gratitude has no conclusion. I have loved, loved serving the Lord with YOU.

To all those 140 girls this year {and the 140 last year}: I love you somethin' fierce. Thank you for a wonderful two years. And always, always remember who you are and Whose you are.

Love. Love.


Allred Mom said...

Great thoughts on the service you were blessed to give and the girls in your ward were lucky enough to receive! I'm sure they will all missing you leading them because even though we can all be released from positions, and it's someone elses turn to have the responsibility, we all have our own personalities that can't be replaced! Enjoy your short little reprieve, which could just be this week, before you are blessed with another wonderful growing experience that the Lord has in store for you! Isn't it great to be an instrument in the Lord's hands in so many different learning experiences? :)

Erica said...

I'm kinda surprised they kept you in for so long considering your hatred for the "c" word. LOL. Hurray for being released! Phew! And ps, Emilee lived across the street from my parents. Her little sis was my sister's best friend for a few years. Can I have some gold stars for that?

Shan said...

So what's the new plan?

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