I call my brother-in-law Shtev.

I call him Shtev because it is the way Steve Prefontaine's mom pronounced his name. Because she was German.

But I am not German. And neither is Shtev. My Shtev.

Today is Shtev's birthday. My Shtev. In fact, the rest of this post will be about my Shtev.

Well, except for the parts that aren't.

About 10 years ago I wrote an ode for Shtev's birthday. 

I thought it was time for a second.


Shtev is still my favorite brother-in-law by far,
and not just because when he married off my sister I got the better car.

It's for many other reasons, those of which I will tell you why.
And you will see for yourself he is the best, no lie.

He almost always makes me Sunday dinner,
which is a lot more than I can say for my brother Kinner*.

He always sends me the important USU links.
And he does the dishes in the sink.

Steve keeps me entertained while at work with his Gmail chat statuses.
And he has never poked me with any cacti ... err cactuses. 

He hasn't left a photo of Irv in my bed for years.
Which has left me rejoicing in tears.

Top secret things he does for me,
I'd mention them but it safer for both of us not to, you see.

He buys me the best presents.
Adorable Aggie shirts, flip-flops, all things pink but never pheasants.

He has a future spouse picked out for me,
His name is Mr. Allan M.D.**

He defies death all the time,
Cancer, pancreatitis? He doesn't mind.

He likes plaid button-ups.
He didn't even make my sister sign a prenup.

I owe Steve the world, that’s clear to see if you just look, 
And one final plea concerning this ode, 

“Don’t wrinkle it Shteve,” I’m sure Tiff will want it for the scrapbook!

*That is actually a nickname for my brother.

** Mr. Allan is really not a MD. 

P.s. This is what it looks like when my family is in da hood.

 Claire says my family is racist. 

Pff. Whatev.

Happy birthday, Shtev!


Elizabeth Justice said...

we only have white cars in my family too! haha:D I think our reasoning is because anything other than white would be totally unbearable during the hot Las Vegas summers:D

Avree said...

I love white cars, but I sadly drive a gray one right now :( What a beautiful ode!

Shan said...

Great ode! And white cars are the bomb diggity.

ClaireElizabeth said...

I did call you racist but my car would fit right in. I love my white car. I guess that makes me racist too?

Kyle, Amy, and Joshua said...

all the seminary teachers in this region have all white cars too...until we bought a red van. REBELS!!!

Meg said...

The racist picture made me laugh.

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