How to ...

make doing your taxes more fun.

1. Make your old roommate do them.

2. Wait until the very last minute to actually pay them.

3. Do your paperwork in flaming-bright pink ... with a zebra pen.

Isn't that cute? 

4. Leave the IRS fun little notes to read when they receive your payment.

Now, I realize that you might not be convinced by number two {because clearly you are convinced by one, three and four}, but trust me.

My old roommate filed my taxes for me on TurboTax.

She was able to recover one whole dollah for me in state returns, if you recall. It was perfect, she filed my taxes, I did nothing and I got a return.

But federal wasn't so kind to me. I didn't get a return, I actually owed. So while she filed them for me, I would have to do the dirty work of actually paying it.

And I couldn't be bothered with it.

So, this afternoon around 3:10pm, I began to be bothered with it. As in, I attempted to do it.

But I had lost all the forms old roommate had given me.


So, I went to TurboTax to chat live with a consultant.

And that was what made procrastination fun.

I began waiting in line as number 58.

I moved down from 58-31 in about 20 minutes.

But look how quickly I went from number 31 to NUMBER ONE, yo!

As soon as Eric arrived, he was quite helpful. 

Yet, scripted.

But don't worry, I was able to get him to break character.

With these four easy steps, paying your taxes has never been so fun!

P.s. I was going to have a post on how I celebrated the 100th anniversary of the Titanic SINKING. But that will have to wait until at least tomorrow. And now, I think I want to take a nap. If it actually happens, 500 gold stars to anyone who leaves a comment! :)

Peace out, Boy Scouts!


Meg said...

Did you get your nap? I wish I could get one in occasionally.

Taxes are much better when someone else does all the work.

Brandon Thornley said...

nice job breaking him down sista....

Shan said...

I hope you got your nap and I'd love 500 gold stars. I love that you broke the script. I'd love to see what I could get them to say. :)

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