How to : Pink Polka Dot Nails

I hate my fingernails being painted.

True story.

However, about three or four times annually I get wild and paint them.

And when I am feeling exotically wild, I put patterned stickers on them.

Walmart has the most fantastically fun stickers. They run about eight dollah. And while that is more than I generally want to splurge on my fingernails of all things, I still sometimes do.

This time I splurged on polka dots. 

Pink polka dots.

There are different sizes of stickers so you can match them up accordingly with your varying-sized nails.

Once you know which nail you want where you: 

One: Peel the front sticker off the patterned-sticker and off the back of it.

Two: Place the sticker on your nail. 

Three: Press the sticker firmly onto your nail. Bend the excess amount over your nail.

Four: Begin to file off the excess sticker around the shape of your nail.

Your nails will look a little somethin-something like this when finished.

I then finish mine off with a clear coat of nail polish. 

They are rumored to stay on for 10 days ... Not gonna lie though, I am not patient enough to wait that long. I usually start picking mine off around five. :)

But it's a little fun flavah for the nails to liven up your day.

And yes, if you liven up your days through patterned fingernails, well that leaves a lot to be desired.

Happy Thursday, people!

P.s. No,  I did not get that wrong. Today is my Thursday, tomorrow is my Friday and the day after that is the first day of my five-day Spring Break ... Spring Break numero dos, that is! :)
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