Extreme Jenga!

I am not a big partier. 

I never have been.

Don't get me wrong. I am not a fuddy-duddy. Although, I think by using that term alone, might make you one regardless. :)

In college, I would have "social gatherings" weekly, but they weren't parties. They were completely organized and structured, as in usually there was a pseudo point in having the party, liiike Chocolate Milk Night. We said we were gathering for chocolate milk {and we were}, but of course, the main reason to do it was to get friends together.

I think I successfully held Chocolate Milk Night every Sunday evening for over three years straight in college. Sometimes we would have a handful of people, but most nights we would have anywhere from 15-30.

You might think this post is about Chocolate Milk Night, but it is not.

It is about how I hate parties, which are totally different than planned, structured, pseudo-purposeful activities.

I get invited to quite a few events on a monthly basis. Most of which, I never attend. 

However, roommate Claire recently talked me into attending a party. A college party of all things. Never mind that Claire wasn't going to attend the party. Never mind that I am not in college {in fact, I have been out of college longer than I was in college}.

But that Claire ... she can be quite convincing. 

I walked up the street to the party and with loud music blaring and people dancing, I entered the apartment. 

I made my way to the kitchen, where the food was {naturally} and where there were less people ... and a game of Jenga going on.

With a brownie in hand, I jumped on the Jenga boat.

McKay Morrow getting his Jenga on.
And as I chatted with the other players, we opted to make this a high-stakes kind of game. We began coming up with different ideas of what the loser of the game would have to do.

And jumping into First Dam was what was decided. Ironically enough, I didn't even come up with the idea. Hard to believe, I know.

Fortunately, I must have a master hand or something as equally awesome, because I never lost. 

But these two did. :)

In fact, more than these two did. But these two are the only ones good on their word. Snaps for Kyle and Tina. :)

Tina ran right in!

Just to turn right back, "THAT IS SO COLD!"

But she went in anyway.

I get cold just LOOKING at her.

After the midnight plunge, I returned home and thanked Claire for making me be a partier. 

And promptly went to bed, two hours after my normal bedtime.

With no plans of being a partier anytime in the near future. I am clearly well on my way to enjoy senior citizenship to its finest. ;)


Claire said...

You're welcome:)

Shan said...

Way to go for going to the party! Looks like it was fun.

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