Colors here, colors there!

I have been running races since I was in the first-grade.

I ran the Smithfield Health Days Mile Run and finished in seven minutes and 21 seconds.

And I have been running road races ever since.

I have probably ran over hundreds and hundreds of races throughout my lifetime.

Buuut, this is the first one where while I was running, people threw things at me {unless you count when an occasional discuss would land dangerously close while I was on the track}. But don't worry, it was just colored, powered chalk.

I was able to run with these fun gals!

Mindy, Alissa Harris, Charlotte Harris, Boo {Shauna LaBeau} & Heidi : I don't really know Heidi. Ho-well. :)

I haven't ran a real race in ... longer than I can remember {we can thank the Angry Mr. Achilles for that}. I am out of shape. Completely. But that is okay, we did this one for a good cause.

It was a frigid day with temperatures right around 29*, so I didn't get to sport my adorable pink Nike shorts. Dirty darn.

There was actually only one color station during the entire race, that you ran by twice. Buuut, at the very end you ended up in the color pit. 

It made me so I couldn't breathe, which is a great look for me, no? :)

The course was super muddy as we ran in a alfalfa field for over two miles of the entire course.

I am convinced that I got more mud on me than color. The mud was so heavy that your shoes would fall off when you lifted them up.

This race made me want to do a couple things: 1. Become a race consultant for people putting on races {so I can tell them what is a good idea and what are horrible ideas} and 2. GET IN SHAPE! 

Plus, it helped me accomplish something I have been trying to do for over a year now: run three times in one week. :)

It was a wonderful race and I had a maaahvelous time. But most importantly, this race was ran as a fundraiser for Tessa Winger and her courageous fight for her life. Please consider making a donation of any amount for her battle here.


Shan said...

I think they are supposed to be doing one of those races in Orem too.

deveney said...

so i totally read all your posts, but rarely comment but today you made me laugh out loud with a good hardy chuckle and i just had to tell you that i think you are not only brave, but funny for posting the picture of you having a hard time breathing. made my day. you are awesome. keep on being you:)

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