City Creek

My homegirls and I ...

 decided we should utilize my second Spring Break to it's fullest and finally grace City Creek.

Because I can always use a dose of H&M. 

Besides H&M, the second thing I love best about City Creek is ... well, everything.

I love the cute little creek that runs through it {of course it does, the Church does not lie}. I love the water falls.  I love the fountains. I love that there is a Chik-fil-a. I love they paint the parking garage floor grey. Really, I do. It makes it look so crisp and clean! I love the Cheesecake Factory! I love Tiffany's! Well, I am sure I would if I could afford to shop there!

And I love that I was able to find this shirt ... 

to assist me in having ALL the men fall in love with me {Okay, all the single men ... Okay, just all the single men I want to fall in love with me}. Truth be told, this shirt would have come in handy countless times in my  lifetime. But that is another story for no other time. ;)

I also love that City Creek is across the street from this beautiful place ...

I love that after a skip and a jump from City Creek I can do my Temple Square tradition.

And I love that on the way home from City Creek we stopped at In-N-Out for second dinner! 

And even though the nasty cold has tried to overtake my Spring Break, it had nothing on this day.

Hooray to Spring Break numero does!

Here's to Spring Break numero tres! JK, I only get two this year. :) 


Shan said...

Love the shirt!

Jamie and Brad said...

i LOVE the picture of the temple! I want to hang it on my wall!

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