And we shall color the eggs!

Claire: How long do we boil the eggs?

Jill: I don't know.

Mindy: 15 minutes.

Jilll: Internet it?

Mindy: It's 15 minutes.

Jilll: We can look on the internet.

Mindy: I know this one! It's 15 minutes!

I really did know it. It may be the only cooking thing I know, but I.know.it.

And tomorrow, I will show you what we did with zee eggs.

P.s. I am kinda obsessed with saying the like "THEE" and "ZEE". Also, I really am enjoying throwing the word "all" into every sentence I possibly can.

That's all. 


Missy W. said...

I have zero Easter spirit (by way of treats or celebrations). I blame it on the no-kids factor, but I think it might just an an excuse.

Shan said...

Very cute eggs

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