R is still for RELEASED.

When I began attending my current ward over two years ago, I noticed this hideous looking craft "R" on the piano in the Relief Society room.

I am not sure if I hated it because it was a craft or because it was an ugly craft. But the fact is, I hated it. 

I would come into Relief Society every Sunday and see it there just ... all uglified. And crafty.

Fortunately, it didn't last long. As soon as I was put in as Relief Society President, I took the ugly R and unlocked the cupboard in the Relief Society room {because I then possessed the keys} and I locked the ugly little bugger RIGHT UP! Essentially, making me the best Relief Society President ever by saving every woman and man who ever walked into that room from such an uglay sight!

As I locked it up I knew when it would see the light of day again ... the day I was released, so it could be set on fire and BURNED!!!

I set up a little tepee fire as the base. And I felt like I was really getting somewhere. 

But then the fire simmered ...

And simmered down to nothing. 

I realized I needed more and bigger kindle. Good thing the old, abandoned house up the street had some sticks for me!

And I started again.

And failed. Again.

It was then I decided to douse it with alcohol.

I may have been yelling, "More alcohol! More alcohol!" in the streets, to which my neighbor came out and said, "You've only been released for three hours and your already demanding alcohol?" :)

I felt like the alcohol was working.

Until I felt like it wasn't.


I would have been in the depths of despair, but I had a Plan B ...


Colors here, colors there!

I have been running races since I was in the first-grade.

I ran the Smithfield Health Days Mile Run and finished in seven minutes and 21 seconds.

And I have been running road races ever since.

I have probably ran over hundreds and hundreds of races throughout my lifetime.

Buuut, this is the first one where while I was running, people threw things at me {unless you count when an occasional discuss would land dangerously close while I was on the track}. But don't worry, it was just colored, powered chalk.

I was able to run with these fun gals!

Mindy, Alissa Harris, Charlotte Harris, Boo {Shauna LaBeau} & Heidi : I don't really know Heidi. Ho-well. :)

I haven't ran a real race in ... longer than I can remember {we can thank the Angry Mr. Achilles for that}. I am out of shape. Completely. But that is okay, we did this one for a good cause.

It was a frigid day with temperatures right around 29*, so I didn't get to sport my adorable pink Nike shorts. Dirty darn.

There was actually only one color station during the entire race, that you ran by twice. Buuut, at the very end you ended up in the color pit. 

It made me so I couldn't breathe, which is a great look for me, no? :)

The course was super muddy as we ran in a alfalfa field for over two miles of the entire course.

I am convinced that I got more mud on me than color. The mud was so heavy that your shoes would fall off when you lifted them up.

This race made me want to do a couple things: 1. Become a race consultant for people putting on races {so I can tell them what is a good idea and what are horrible ideas} and 2. GET IN SHAPE! 

Plus, it helped me accomplish something I have been trying to do for over a year now: run three times in one week. :)

It was a wonderful race and I had a maaahvelous time. But most importantly, this race was ran as a fundraiser for Tessa Winger and her courageous fight for her life. Please consider making a donation of any amount for her battle here.


Spring Football

Style and I headed to see the USU football team play their spring scrimmage game today.

It was big day in Aggie athletics as Nike has taken us under their wing to provide us with a new logo and all new {and free!} uniforms. In fact, they are giving all of our teams new uniforms. Three new uniforms for each team to be exact.

Thank you, Nike President Charlie Denson, for being an Aggie Alumna! 

I think I like the new logo. I think I am okay that we will now sport a third, grey uniform. And the game was fun.

But that is not what I will remember about this day.

No, I will remember how after years and years of sitting in that stadium with my Style that on this day, he told me he helped build Romney Stadium.

Seriously, Style? It never crossed your mind to tell me until now? :)

He helped lay down the concrete to make those stairs behind us!

P.s. My eyeballs are overly sensitive to the sun. Ignore that.

Style was able to receive a scholarship to Utah State University by running speedy times in track and field. And by doing so, he was invited to work construction on the new football stadium, as they liked to help out their athletes as much as they could.

Style lucked out because he made $3.67 an hour working construction on the stadium while most of his friends were making roughly $1.10 an hour at local restaurants or a local factory, Del Monte. 


The stadium we have sat side-by-side in game in and game out, loss after loss after loss {and then a win here and there}, where we have cheered on our beloved Aggies for years ...

And I didn't even know it until today!

What other secrets you keepin' from us, Style?

Big day today. So many events going on! Big week too! Get ready for a post-bombarding sometime soon!


Two of my loves ...

will be colliding this weekend.

A lot unlike last month, where USU basketball and Church collided, this collision is actually going to result in a SPLASH of COLORS!

Those who know me well, know I am obsessed with the music group, Colors, and with running {Hello, have you seen the address of this blog?}.

And on Saturday, in my little Logan, Utah the two will be combining! 

To raise money for this amazing woman.

To find out how you can be part of this fundraiser {by attending the Colors concert, running the Splash of Color race or donating money} click here

Hope to see you there!!


Mindy & Sumilee

One of the last things I was able to do in my Church calling before getting released was help plan a baptism the day before.

My counselors and I have planned like one-kjillion activities.  But it didn't hit me until this one ... I am not sure it was the most brilliant idea ever to have Summer, Emilee and I be in charge of activities at Church.

Beeecause, that means we are also in charge of the food.

And when it comes to food ... We just have no self-control.

And we sneak into the refreshments before anyone else even gets there.

It's a wonder that there is any left when the actual guests arrive.

P.s. This is us in front of a tree that has blossomed at the location of the baptism. 

Which has absolutely nothing to do with the excessive food intake. But I just like the blossoms. And I like them. And I like both a lot.

That's all. Well, actually it's not.

P.s. Our photos are missing Sarah. We love her somethin' fierce, so I had to give her a shout-out. :)

Now. That's all.


I call my brother-in-law Shtev.

I call him Shtev because it is the way Steve Prefontaine's mom pronounced his name. Because she was German.

But I am not German. And neither is Shtev. My Shtev.

Today is Shtev's birthday. My Shtev. In fact, the rest of this post will be about my Shtev.

Well, except for the parts that aren't.

About 10 years ago I wrote an ode for Shtev's birthday. 

I thought it was time for a second.


Shtev is still my favorite brother-in-law by far,
and not just because when he married off my sister I got the better car.

It's for many other reasons, those of which I will tell you why.
And you will see for yourself he is the best, no lie.

He almost always makes me Sunday dinner,
which is a lot more than I can say for my brother Kinner*.

He always sends me the important USU links.
And he does the dishes in the sink.

Steve keeps me entertained while at work with his Gmail chat statuses.
And he has never poked me with any cacti ... err cactuses. 

He hasn't left a photo of Irv in my bed for years.
Which has left me rejoicing in tears.

Top secret things he does for me,
I'd mention them but it safer for both of us not to, you see.

He buys me the best presents.
Adorable Aggie shirts, flip-flops, all things pink but never pheasants.

He has a future spouse picked out for me,
His name is Mr. Allan M.D.**

He defies death all the time,
Cancer, pancreatitis? He doesn't mind.

He likes plaid button-ups.
He didn't even make my sister sign a prenup.

I owe Steve the world, that’s clear to see if you just look, 
And one final plea concerning this ode, 

“Don’t wrinkle it Shteve,” I’m sure Tiff will want it for the scrapbook!

*That is actually a nickname for my brother.

** Mr. Allan is really not a MD. 

P.s. This is what it looks like when my family is in da hood.

 Claire says my family is racist. 

Pff. Whatev.

Happy birthday, Shtev!


R is for ...

I was called to be Relief Society President for my ward two years ago {read as: president of the women's organization in my local congregation}.

When my bishop {congregation leader} asked me to be the president, I laughed out loud. 

I laughed out loud for probably a minute or so. 

Yet, I noticed he wasn't laughing with me.

While continuing to laugh I say, "Oh! You are serious?"

He smiled, but didn't laugh.

Still laughing, "My answer is yes if you are serious."

He was serious.

While the R does stand for Relief Society, today it stands for something else.


Two years and 3.5  presidencies later ...

Courtney Carlson Bilodeau, Mindy, Jane Sorenson, Christy Brian, Sarah Pope and Chey Broderick

Emilee Hagloch, Sarah Pope, Elise Fackrell Bruckner and Mindy
Less than an hour before we were released : Sarah Pope, Mindy, Emilee Hagloch and Summer Lyday

And I have been released.

There is a definite relief with the weight of being responsible of 140 girls no longer mine to carry.

Yet, a void of where that weight of responsibility for 140 girls used to be. 

When my bishop asked me my thoughts on my two years I smiled and said, "I am happy to have served."

And I am. I am happy to serve the Lord wherever and whenever He wants me.

And I think I know where He wants me next. ;) And I am excited about it.

P.s. I actually have that wooden R in my possession. I have BIG plans for it now that I am released. BIG plans. Just.you.wait. :)

For those members of my 3.5 presidencies, I love you. You will always have a special place in my heart. You all made it so that weight was not mine to carry alone, and for that ... My gratitude has no conclusion. I have loved, loved serving the Lord with YOU.

To all those 140 girls this year {and the 140 last year}: I love you somethin' fierce. Thank you for a wonderful two years. And always, always remember who you are and Whose you are.

Love. Love.


This week ...

My mama bought foam hand-soap for me to use while I am at her house.

I gave cookies to the man who booted my car.

I had a good chat with one of my best friends whom I don't get the chance to talk to very often.

Roommate Jill made me my favorite cookies just because.

I was asked the following questions by a client at work: "What is a fetus?" "What is a uterus?" "What is a hystarectomy?" "Am I wicked?" "You won't ever bite me, will you?

And I was told, "I hope one day YOU get irritable bowel syndrome!"

I had a meeting at 4:00pm on Friday afternoon. Who does that? I didn't get home until after 5:30. Sigh.

I got a peanut butter cup milkshake three times after dinner. Oops.

We had a impromptu roommate photo shoot {more on that later}.

I washed Wilson. Strike that. The car wash washed Wilson.

On Saturday I stayed in my pajamas until two o'clock in the afternoon.

I bought adorable baby clothes for a little girl that will be making her appearance in June.

My eye began twitching obsessively. I blame Claire for this.

One of my favorite people did something for herself that brought her peace and happiness. I am sooo proud of her.

I heard lawn mowers outside while typing this.

Blossoms are beginning to bloom right outside our door!

Photo courtesy of Instagram and Claire. Claire doesn't like borders on Instagram.
Something unbelievable, yet entirely typical happened all in one.

I played a fun game with a co-worker.

I was given some dating advice.

I don't think I sit like that. I cannot make any guarantees on not looking bored though.

I practiced my restraining abilities on one of my counselors.

I remembered how obsessed I am with running.

My sister made one of my favorite foods and gave me left-overs! Yay!

I attended a baptism for an adorable girl in my ward.

And I am now going to try and talk Jill into going to dinner with me {which shouldn't be difficult at all}, followed by The Firm at eight.

And not gonna lie, probably a peanut butter cup shake too.

How was YOUR week?


The Titanic

Fact: I have never seen the movie Titanic.

I have seen random bits and pieces of it like, "ICEBERG AHEAD!" {Typed with the British accent, naturally.}  

Not to spoil the fun for anyone who hasn't seen it, buuuut the ship sinks and don't believe a word that Rose-lady tells you - she DOES let go!

And the "romantic love story"? Please. I find watching grass grow more romantic than two people who "fall in love" in a day's time. And the behaviorist in me wants to say that the strong "emotions" they THINK they feel for each other have been manipulated by experiencing a "traumatic" experience together, confusing their emotions of gratitude and survival for love. Not to mention Rose's strong disdain for Rich Dude {I don't know his name} would be enough to send her running into ANY man's arms, convinced it must be love simply because new man is not Rich Dude. 

Wow. Who knew I felt so strongly about that movie? :)

While I think the movie is sub par {Yup, I just said it and I said it using a golf analogy - what is this world coming to?!}, I am very interested in the actual history of it. That is why I went to the Titanic exhibit in Las Vegas when I got the chance ... and that is why I bought my roommates the awesome Titanic coloring book.

And so, in commemoration of the centennial of the Titanic's epic tragedy, my roommates and I spent April 15th coloring.

And consequently not related to the Titanic, have you noticed I found Instagram? Because I did.

Lastly, I did not get my nap yesterday afternoon. Sigh.

But in perkier news, my roommate is making me No Bake cookies. And I can hardly wait to consume them!


How to ...

make doing your taxes more fun.

1. Make your old roommate do them.

2. Wait until the very last minute to actually pay them.

3. Do your paperwork in flaming-bright pink ... with a zebra pen.

Isn't that cute? 

4. Leave the IRS fun little notes to read when they receive your payment.

Now, I realize that you might not be convinced by number two {because clearly you are convinced by one, three and four}, but trust me.

My old roommate filed my taxes for me on TurboTax.

She was able to recover one whole dollah for me in state returns, if you recall. It was perfect, she filed my taxes, I did nothing and I got a return.

But federal wasn't so kind to me. I didn't get a return, I actually owed. So while she filed them for me, I would have to do the dirty work of actually paying it.

And I couldn't be bothered with it.

So, this afternoon around 3:10pm, I began to be bothered with it. As in, I attempted to do it.

But I had lost all the forms old roommate had given me.


So, I went to TurboTax to chat live with a consultant.

And that was what made procrastination fun.

I began waiting in line as number 58.

I moved down from 58-31 in about 20 minutes.

But look how quickly I went from number 31 to NUMBER ONE, yo!

As soon as Eric arrived, he was quite helpful. 

Yet, scripted.

But don't worry, I was able to get him to break character.

With these four easy steps, paying your taxes has never been so fun!

P.s. I was going to have a post on how I celebrated the 100th anniversary of the Titanic SINKING. But that will have to wait until at least tomorrow. And now, I think I want to take a nap. If it actually happens, 500 gold stars to anyone who leaves a comment! :)

Peace out, Boy Scouts!


Extreme Jenga!

I am not a big partier. 

I never have been.

Don't get me wrong. I am not a fuddy-duddy. Although, I think by using that term alone, might make you one regardless. :)

In college, I would have "social gatherings" weekly, but they weren't parties. They were completely organized and structured, as in usually there was a pseudo point in having the party, liiike Chocolate Milk Night. We said we were gathering for chocolate milk {and we were}, but of course, the main reason to do it was to get friends together.

I think I successfully held Chocolate Milk Night every Sunday evening for over three years straight in college. Sometimes we would have a handful of people, but most nights we would have anywhere from 15-30.

You might think this post is about Chocolate Milk Night, but it is not.

It is about how I hate parties, which are totally different than planned, structured, pseudo-purposeful activities.

I get invited to quite a few events on a monthly basis. Most of which, I never attend. 

However, roommate Claire recently talked me into attending a party. A college party of all things. Never mind that Claire wasn't going to attend the party. Never mind that I am not in college {in fact, I have been out of college longer than I was in college}.

But that Claire ... she can be quite convincing. 

I walked up the street to the party and with loud music blaring and people dancing, I entered the apartment. 

I made my way to the kitchen, where the food was {naturally} and where there were less people ... and a game of Jenga going on.

With a brownie in hand, I jumped on the Jenga boat.

McKay Morrow getting his Jenga on.
And as I chatted with the other players, we opted to make this a high-stakes kind of game. We began coming up with different ideas of what the loser of the game would have to do.

And jumping into First Dam was what was decided. Ironically enough, I didn't even come up with the idea. Hard to believe, I know.

Fortunately, I must have a master hand or something as equally awesome, because I never lost. 

But these two did. :)

In fact, more than these two did. But these two are the only ones good on their word. Snaps for Kyle and Tina. :)

Tina ran right in!

Just to turn right back, "THAT IS SO COLD!"

But she went in anyway.

I get cold just LOOKING at her.

After the midnight plunge, I returned home and thanked Claire for making me be a partier. 

And promptly went to bed, two hours after my normal bedtime.

With no plans of being a partier anytime in the near future. I am clearly well on my way to enjoy senior citizenship to its finest. ;)
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