We're obsessed.

 "Draw Something".

Need I say more?

No, no I really don't need to, but notice how that isn't going to stop me.

I am going to talk some Mormon lingo right now. I hate it when people speak lingo I don't understand.

But notice how that isn't going to stop me.

Sooo, I hear there is going to be a FANTASTIC fireside Sunday afternoon at 4:00pm at the Spectrum. Brother Morrill is apparently going to be providing lessons on team work, tenacity and perseverance. Seems like it will be very spiritual. ;)

That's all.


Shan said...

Can you please explain said Draw Something in another post and it's appeal?

cami said...

I would love to attend that fireside. Take good notes for me, please!

Meg said...

I'm apparently not in on the "Draw Something" secret, either. I'm guessing it has something to do with smartphones, which I don't have.

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