This post is NOT going to be about Hunger Games

It is no secret that I loooooo-ooooove my Alma Mater.

Anything that has "Utah State", "USU", or the "A" on it, I automatically think is super cute and want to own it. {Is that normal?}

I also loooooo-oooove our mascot. I just think he is good lookin'. 

Photo Credit
 His name is Big Blue.

Photo Credit? Your guess is as good as mine!

But not Big Blue.

Photo Credit
He is mascot perfection {and you didn't even know such a thing existed, right?}.

Just when I thought things in Aggie-mascot world could not get better ...

They did.

Meet Little Blue.

Cache Valley Daily/Craig Peterson 
Oh, my gawsh! Could anything be more adorable than a lil', baby mascot??

Look how little he is!!!!!


This may have been the second best part of the entire game {sans the actual win, naturally}.

And, no ... there is no other point to this post than to tell you how adorable I found Little Blue.

1. Please tell me that YOU think he is adorable too! Annnnd ...

2. Tell me it is normal to be this pleased with your Alma Mater.




Speaking of go ...

Go Aggies! They play this afternoon at 4:00pm. I won't be there. Tear. :(

P.s. Off topic. The Firm is an amazingly fantastic TV show. You should start watching it if you haven't. You can catch all the episodes here. So, soo good! Plus, Josh Lucas is attractive. You simply cannot go wrong!


Shan said...

Love little blue! He's cute. My Alma Mater has a wolverine and I don't ever remember even seeing a mascot.

Meg said...

My cousin told me the Aggie mascot was lame. By the time I was done, he admitted that he was wrong and that we have the coolest mascot ever. I like to think I have amazing powers of persuasion.

Little Blue is cute.

Melissa said...

I agree with everything:

Coolest mascot.

Little Blue is adorable.

The Firm is my favorite show right now.

jill said...

I agree with all of the above. and I'd be lying if I didn't say that both are cute outside of uniform as well... just saying.

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