Guest Post: Chelsea

Hey-o!  I'm Chelsea and I blog at "Perfect in my Mind." 

I write stand up comedy in my head, and my pretend friends love it.   I sing songs to myself in the shower, and I pretend that I'm amazing.  I  like to cook, and I pretend that I'm on the Food Network a lot.  My life is not perfect, but I wake up every day pretending that it is.  When Mindy asked me to write about my favorite things about spring I had to check my calendar like seven times to make sure writing about spring was even practical.  I mean, it snowed like three times here last week.  But, apparently March 21 is when things are going to magically change.    So, I guess now is the time to prepare. Well, this year I am excited for spring because . . .

 **I will be graduating from college. 

Graduating is kind of scary, considering I've been going to school since I was six years old . . . but I'm a little bit excited for it, nonetheless. 

**I will be able to wear cute outfits like this:


And I won't even have to cover up the cuteness with a coat.  That's the livin' the dream, right there.

**Wedding season/almost wedding season.

I just got a job working for So Utah Weddings . . . So, basically I am obsessed with them.  Wedding trends, wedding dresses, wedding venues . . . you name it.  I wish I could get married (to the same guy, obviously) like ten times, just so I could plan more weddings.  Ah.  That would be amazing, right?

**I like Disney, and Disney Princesses.  Original, right? 

Well, Disney Princess like animals.  And animals are born in the spring.  So, there is another reason I am excited for spring.


And, that's a wrap!

And this is Mindy. Fun little side note: One of my favorite people on the entire planet {Allison} was Chelsea's EFY counselor. And I was Allison's "counselor" while she was a counselor. So, it's like we are related or somethin' like that.


Shan said...

Love those EFY links and she sounds like a very sweet girl.

Meg said...

I'm excited for spring, too. I just wish it would go ahead and show up. Today would be ideal.

Meg said...
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Allison and Josh said...

Yay for EFY!! I love all the connections it brings! And I love you both!!

Jamie and Brad said...

I love Disney and Disney princesses too! I have just spent the last 3 days reading books and movies about all the Disney princesses with my niece. I think I have turned into a Disney princess... a dream come true!

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