There is a reason Nancy is fancy and Mindy is not ...

I was reading a friend's blog the other day. With only two weeks left on her maternity leave, she handed in her letter of resignation. She thought she would be going back, but couldn't stand the thought of leaving her gorgeous, little babe in the arms of strangers.

She said she knew she was making the right choice for her family, but was going to miss working up the corporate ladder, having conference calls with CEOs and traveling here and there for her fancy schmancy job.

In that moment I was enamored by her job! It sounded so fancy. I could even imagine how adorable she would look in a buisness suit with a pencil skirt {and I don't even know if that's what she wore to work!}.

I reflected on my job. This week marks my fourth year anniversary of working at this company.

Truth be told: it is a lot less glamorous {to say the least}.

I mean, sure, I travel. To Brigham City. Tremonton. And I even stay in a hotel in Salt Lake City for conference every now and again!

I have had conference calls, but not with CEOs. Sometimes parents of my clients and other times with employees of the state.

And while I am totally pleased with the attire I get to wear to work, I may walk in with it in the morning and walk out not with it in the afternoon {I will let your imagination run wild with that one for a minute}.

I love what I do. That has never been in question.

But it just isn't fancy.

But when was I ever striving for fancy?

I had a moment at work the other day that was profound, but not unusual.

One of my clients was walking across our production floor and from a distance, I saw how he walked with his little limp, with his head titled to the side, holding his hands, fingers intertwined behind his back. He was talking to his staff, about what I could not hear. However, I would imagine it was boxes or hangers.

And in that moment I was flooded with an unmeasurable amount of gratitude for the role he plays in my life - for the role all of my clients play in my life.

How did I ever get this lucky?

I am graced with the presence of Heaven every single day. Or at least from 7:00-3:00pm every weekday. ;)

My clients give me so much joy and fulfillment, in a way that I cannot adequately express with mere words.

 I've heard that mothers can recognize the cry of their baby. I say "heard" because I have no experience with such, not having any children. :)

I was thinking of this last week because while typing at my desk at work I heard a cry. I immediately knew who it was from.  I was surprised she'd be crying, as that is not something she does regularly.

I left my desk to go check on her. And as I walked towards her, I realized that I too recognize cries {and laughs, grunts, humming, singing, whines and screams} ... of over 50 people.

And that made me ... fulfilled in what I do for my job.

James E. Faust once said, "Those who are close to the [disabled] can frequently feel the nobility of the spirits who are confined in differently shaped bodies or who have crippled minds."

I feel that nobility every.single.day.

My job is not fancy.

And I couldn't be happier that it's not. :)

Happy Tuesday, people!


Shan said...

What a great post Mindy and how awesome to have that kind of job where you feel like maybe you touch a life or two every day.

cole linnae said...

This was beautiful.

Katie Jane said...

I love this post so very much. You are a rock star.

cami said...

You made me cry cause I knew exactly who you were talking about. My close to five years at Cache were priceless and those memories will always be cherished. Loved this post! You are amazing Mindy!

Meg said...

That is awesome. If everyone were fancy it would be a boring world, wouldn't it?

Missy W. said...

you do very very important work. and don't you forget it!

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