St. Patrick's Day!

The year of celebrating continues!

I celebrated the holiday by drinking a keg of beer wearing a green scarf in my hair.

Festive, no?

And by eating a green salad at Cafe Rio.

I also wore an Aggie shirt. Not for St. Patrick's Day, but for the game. 

P.s. I also went to a USU basketball game. Again, not to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, just because I am obsessed with Aggie basketball.

I also took photos of the Stabster. Because to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, she sang the National Anthem ...

in GREEN skinnies!

After our fantastic win {my Aggies are now in the quarter-finals of the CIT}, we decided we need to prance {or whatever it is that leprechauns do} to Chik-fil-a for a green shake!

However, when we arrived we were informed that they were not celebrating St. Patty's Day. So, we did the only thing we could do, order a kids meal and share it between all three of us.

Chicken nuggets for Mindy. Fries for Stabi. And ice cream for Claire.

At least she put green sprinkles on her cone.

Not completely satisfied due to the lack of St. Patrickness, we headed to McDonald's {yes, I just said it} for their Shamrock Shuffle milkshake - rumored to be green!

Unfortunately, we were informed they were "out".

Naturally, we headed to the next closest McDonald's. They also were, "out."

Stabs then suggested we go to Artic Circle. On their menu she found a "Mint Oreo Shake".

I said, "Ew. I hate mint."

In my mind, mint flavor is acceptable in: toothpaste, dental floss, gum and actual mints. No more. No less.

Stabs then says, "And what flavor did you think the Shamrock Shuffles were?"

Oh. I hadn't thought of that.

I bite the bullet and order a mint Oreo shake. When the lady at the drive-through window hands it to me I remind her we asked for mint, as they were not green at all.

"Oh, they are. They just aren't green," she assured.


If I am just going to have to add green food dye to it anyway, why on this GREEN earth did I order MINT?


And yes, I went and purchased green food dye. 

And mixed it into the MINT shake. To make the MINT shake GREEN.

It turned out 'aight, I spose.

Minus the fact that it was flippin' MINT!

And then if that wasn't bad enough.

We stopped by Burger King {no, you did not misread that} to pick up some free fries.

With green ketchup.

Ohhhhh. Sigh. Not my brightest day.

I ate it. Then gagged. 

And then went to bed.

Here's to a better Easter, which shouldn't be too hard to top the blunders of this day.

Maybe drinking that keg o' beer wouldn't have been such a bad idea after all .... :)


Shan said...

Love that you were so festive.

jill said...

lol, gross Mindy, but nice work. Unlike you, Mint Icecream is my favorite and I didn't even get any. I took and African/Indian cooking class that night instead. Happy St. Patty's day!!

Missy W. said...

wow. that was a lot of driving around.

Meg said...

I LOVE mint. Mint oreo is the best possible combination of fabulous flavors. I'm sorry it was not such a fabulous tasting experience for you.

By the way, I find it hilarious that you dyed the shakes green. I probably would have given up at that point and just eaten the shake. :)

Simone said...

first of all, mint is the best flavor of any sweet out there.
secondly, i want green skinnies.
thirdly, i spy white and pink polka dot finger nail polish.

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