Day two, Brandon and I hopped right back on that freeway known as I-15 and headed to Vegas.

THIS was the reason for the vacay. We were on our way to watch our Aggies win the conference tournament! 

We have done this every year for as long as I can remember {sans the two years the tournament was in Las Cruces, New Mexico}. However, this year was a little different. We were entering the tournament as a four seed and with the most losses we have seen since the 90's. 


But!!! We were still confident in our Aggies. They had gone on a winning streak the past two weeks and were winning the close games, winning the games where they came from behind, winning road games and winning by sizable margins! 

When we first arrived in Vegas, we headed to H&M. Naturally.

I set a budget for myself {first time I have ever done that at H&M} and stuck to it! Take or minus 18 dollah. ;)

We then headed to The Paris for dinner ... where we ate Italian for the second straight night in a row. :)

It was then time for the game.

We took a photo.

It would be the only photo at the game. And in Vegas.

Instead of returning to Vegas for days three and four, we did not.

Because our Aggies did something they have not done since 1999. They lost in the first round. And by a mere two points.

Besides the loss, we had 12 students in the student section, when normally we have close to 4,000.


And after such a heartbreaking loss/season ... I had to get back onto that flippin' I-15 for a two-hour ride home in BIG van with gusting winds.

Please ask me how much fun that was. But don't. Mm-k?

We arrived back after 2:00am.  As I walked into the casita I thought, "We were gone for 12 hours. 12 hours! And all I have to show for it is this bag of clothes from H&M."

But at least I had H&M, no?

And then I went to bed. 

Just so I could awake and get back on that blasted freeway the following day.


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Shan said...

Sorry they lost but yay for shopping and staying close to your budget.

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