Guest Post: Candace

Hey readers of Mindy's cute blog! I'm Candace and I blog on over at Lovely Little Rants

Some things you should probs know about me are: I am a belieber. And Proud... and 20. I love to make tutorials on how to do cute things. And I love to help you guys laugh a little at my everyday shenanigans.

Anyways, I LOVE SPRING. #obsessed. Here are my top 5 fave spring surprises:

1. The sun. Let's get real, people. After a chilly yucky winter, any wink of sun is the best refreshment ever.

2. Flowers. You may not know this but I am a girl who loves flowers. Oh wait every girl loves flowers. I love the way that BYU plants these lovely tulips everywhere in the spring! It is so so sooo lovely. 

3. Smells. The smell of spring may erupt some peeps sinuses, but for me, it erupts pure joy. 

4. Swimming 24/7. I kid you not, the second it is springy enough to hop in the pool, I become part mermaid.

5. The fact that winter is OVER. I dislike snow, cold and wet slippery ground. Being from Arizona, I don't see much of that. But living in Utah, it is all over the place. Go away, snow!

So there you have it! thanks for reading my top 5 and not falling asleep. 'precate it :)

Candace also works at Brick Over. I love eating at Brick Oven. Sooo, how can we not love that?


Shan said...

I may have to say hi next time I go to Brick Oven. I can't wait to see those pretty tulips at BYU.

Jamie and Brad said...

Talks about swimming has sent my spring fever officially over the edge!

Meg said...

Now I really want to see some spring flowers...

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