Guest Post: Margaret

Hello Best.day.ever readers! I trust that every one is having a good week. I’m honored to give Mindy a little break from blogging while she’s on VACATION! (lucky girl) Anywhoo… my name is Margaret and I blog over at Floral and Frayed. I’m so excited to share with you today my top five things that I love about spring!

#5 - I seriously LOVE spring rain. Nothing is better than curling up with a good book, a snuggly blanket, and a cup of tea while it rains. I love the fresh smell that rain brings and the flowers that sprout up after a good rainstorm. And, of course, if I do have to leave the house I have a totally good excuse to break out my adorable rain boots and umbrella. 

  #4 - Going along with spring fashion… who doesn’t love spring pastels and flowy dresses?! I love being able to break out my breezy skirts and light jackets. There is just something about wearing a skirt or dress as soon at the weather warms up. It makes me feel like going to church and brunch with the “ladies,” as we chat about the latest book we’re reading. ;)

#3 - I love birthdays! Not only is my birthday in the spring, but all of my close friends’ birthdays as well. Someone once said that once you hit your 20's your birthday becomes a “birthday week.” I am so excited for multiple birthday weeks this year! I’m looking forward to picking out that perfect gift, making cupcakes, and celebrating with friends.


#2 - Birds. I love that birds start chirping in the spring. Waking up to that sound is just heavenly. Not to mention that birds are adorable, in every size, shape, and form.


and the number 1 thing that I love about spring…

#1 - I love the meaning of spring. I love that spring represents a re-birth- the beginning of a new season. Most of all, I love Easter, which is a time to celebrate Jesus Christ’s victory over death. Everything is washed away, and it becomes a chance to start anew. Without a fresh start in Christ, I would be nothing.

I told you Margaret was super cute! I just adore her!


Daisy said...

Hi, just found your blog via GFC and really liking it.
New follower here :)

Chelsea said...

Can I wear those spring outfits, please? And maybe that spring nail polish, too?

Hannah said...

i'm here from margarets blog *and your newest follower!

she's adorable! i absolutely love her and her spring picks :) esp those coral shorts!

Shan said...

Love that green dress!!

Jamie and Brad said...

YEAH for spring birthdays!!! My birthday week starts on Sunday, and I am SO excited!
I am totally head over heels in love with the peach skirt. I love peach!

Meg said...

Those are cute boots and umbrellas. My umbrella is boring and black. Maybe I should get a cuter one. Then again, I live in a desert so I don't use an umbrella that often anyway.

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