March Madness!

Madness is the amount of time I spent on I-15 on my latest vacay.

I am soooo over I-15.

Here is day one of I-15 my vacay.

Depart Logan, Utah at 9:32 AM.

a. Light at Brigham City. I text old work-BFF, "Hi, Ogden!" He responds, "I thought you weren't supposed to ever go to Ogden." What can I say? Simba didn't listen, and I didn't either.

b. Realization: totally and utterly bored by driving by myself.

c.  Realization: not only am I bored. I am tired.

d. Realization: Bored. Tired. Back is angry!

e.  Loving my Colors music. Every Colors CD ever made is in my CD deck and I am thriiilled.

f. Realization: Not every Colors CD is in! Where is "Outside the Lines"?! I love "Outside the Lines"!

g. In-N-Out. Yum!

h. Phone call from Brandon. He informs me someone has taken over my blog. When I inform him that they haven't he says, "Oh, you are just lazy!"

i. The beginning of nothingness. I hit Filmore and remember that I was once told this was the middle point between Logan and St. George. I.want.to.die. {P.s. When I arrived in San Jorge, I did some research and 10 miles north of Scipio is the middle point between Logan and St. George, FYI}.

j. Meadow, Utah. Obtain gasoline for Wilson.

k. I made friends with a Chevy truck. Meaning, he was breaking the speed limit by a generous amount, so I follow. We were friends for probably two hours. 

l. Brain and bum rot ensue. And ensue. And ensue. When I said nothingness, I meant it. My only positive thought was, "At least I am not driving to Reno!" 

m. I find the Glenn Beck station. So.happy.

Arrive in St. George, Utah at 2:58 PM.

While this brought an end to the madness with I-15 that day, it would ensue the following day ...


Elizabeth Justice said...

That is so sad that you only got to spend one day here!! And trust me I know what a long drive it is! Well I hope next time is more enjoyable!

Shan said...

I love that you documented the times though. Very insightful.

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