The four loathed B's ...

I despise bowling, beef jerky, BBQ sauce and the Beach Boys.

I also loathe deer.

But this is about the four loathed B's.

Actually, it is only about one of the four loathed B's.


I hate it. And generally avoid it. 

However, this weekend I tagged along while some others played.

While they played, I sat in a corner and ate my Chik-fil-a. 

And I was happy.

P.s. Did I mention it was cosmic bowling night with a black light?

Because it was. 

I think they have to make it cosmic night so people think bowling is cooler.

But it didn't make me think bowling was cooler. Because I hate bowling.

But I had a realization at the bowling alley last night.

Tennis has a good thing going {yup, we are now talking about tennis}. Tennis has the option for single matches and  doubles matches.

I thought bowling should be the same.

While I hate singles bowling, I am allllllll for doubles bowling. 

It revolutionized ... my life!

P.s. The bowling balls both ended up in the gutter without hitting a single pin.

I think we need to work on this doubles bowling. But just a bit.

I am sure we will be hitting strike after strike in no time.

So, anyone up for a doubles games?? Lemme know!


Sierra said...

I HATED bowling, too. Until I started going with friends and we practiced! I have double jointed elbows so I would always get so frustrated. But I am beginning to love it, even though I still suck. But this is awesome! Haha

Meg said...

I don't think I've been bowling in eons. I do believe the gutter was always my best friend. :)

Whitney said...

BBQ sauce? Guess you should never visit me here in memphis. Its all about BBQ, there is even spaghetti with BBQ sauce

Mrs. Camera Happy said...

I'm a huge fan of bowling, but havent been cosmic bowling in forever! I'm a new follower of your blog! Love thet look and writing style :)

Missy W. said...

Bowling makes me think of awkward college dates.

Shan said...

How does the machine handle two balls at once? I really want to try this now.

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