Leap Day!

I am on this kick where I feel like I need to celebrate every holiday this year.

I think I feel that if I do, I am being kind to 2012. And if I am kind to 2012, 2012 will be kind to me.

For Leap Day I felt like I should ... leap? Maybe over something? 

Buuuut, that just wasn't a good way to spend my extra day, was it?


That was it. I didn't need to leap over anything, I just needed to do something extra.

My roommate joked, "So, does that mean on Leap Day you will have third dinner?"


I only average 11 dinners a week, okay?

But I digress.

While third dinner seemed a little bit ridiculous {a little bit, not a lot bit}, extra dessert on my extra day seemed ....


And it was. 

Concrete pie? 

Thank you very much.

What did YOU do with your extra day?


Melissa said...

I've been celebrating every holiday this year too!! I like the way you celebrated though, why didn't I think of extra dessert!?

If you're celebrating every holiday Dr. Seuss' birthday is tomorrow. :)

AGK said...

Figured you'd do something special for the random holiday :) I like the burying figurines in the ground best though...I went to dinner with the roomies at the best burger and fries place ever for my extra day! http://www.goodstuffeatery.com/

Shan said...

I'm loving your holiday ideas!

Meg said...

That looks GOOD. Now I feel like eating dessert. Twice. :)

Farrah said...

I'll have extra dessert any day. I actually don't remember how I stumbled on your cute little blog, but I'm glad I did.

Avree said...

I want that dessert and I want your cute outfit!

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